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One of my current favorite ways to style my hair……. the “half-up messy knot”. I wear this at least once a week if not more. It is perfect for dirty hair day and I still feel stylish and cutesy with it. I like this look because it can be worn so many different ways.  Here I will show you some step by step pictures and what I used to achieve this knot.

Photography: Beatbox Portraits


Here are the three products I used, from left to right, Flex Shaping Hairspray, Dry Volume Blast, and a Teasing Comb.

You will also need some clear ponies and bobby pins.

1st : Take the dry volume blast and BLAST your hair! But seriously, spray this in your roots and all over/under your hair. It’ll give the texture and hold you need. Spray more if your hair is clean.

2nd: take the teasing comb and tease under your roots. Tease more at the crown for added height.

3rd: I like to leave a little part at the front, you don’t have to. Figure out how much hair you want to go up. I usually take it from around my eye as a guide and go straight back, sectioning off that part of my hair.

4th: take the pony tail part and swirl it around into a bun.

5th: You are then going to take a clear ponytail and put in around the bun two times, or more if you have a bigger one. You want it to be secure, but not tight enough that you can’t pull any hair out.

6th: Loosen the bun by pulling on opposite sides. It’s ok if a piece or two falls out, it makes it cuter in my books. Pull until you’ve gotten your messy bun as big as you want it.

7th: Take a bobby pin and pin the top part up to keep it spunky. Add any additional bobby pins to secure any pieces into place. If you want a wider bun this is where you would put the bobby pins in the sides.

8th: Finish with the Flex Finishing Hairspray.

I hope you like and find this tutorial useful. Let me know if you prefer pic or video tutorials better! Have a great weekend!


Thanks for reading!

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