11 Weeks postpardum

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Wow! It’s almost been 3 month since my little baby girl was born. I cannot express how much I love her. She is the best, perfect, sweetest, (every great adjective) thing that has ever happened to me and Jake. We love our little family. I officially went back to work this week so there’s that… ha! We’re taking that one day at a time.  I am going to do my best to get a couple tutorials or posts out each month.


Our labor and delivery went really well. Yes I got an epidural. 🙂 I actually didn’t think I was in labor until we were half way to the hospital. That morning I went to the salon to do a couple of my favorite clients, it was actually my first week off but I couldn’t stay home and do nothing, I am such a busy body. So while I’m doing their hair I’m having mild cramps every half hour or so. I really don’t know the timing because I just thought they were braxton hicks or her moving. They didn’t hurt.

After I did their hair, me and my little sisters went to lay out with our cousin Liz. I kept feeling that crampy tighting and I asked her “do you see my stomach do weird stuff? Do you think this is it?” Liz just graduated from Physician’s Assistant school, I now think she knows everything and ask her anything always haha even if she doesn’t know she will find an answer for me. She said “probably…” …HA

We went home and I had texted my mother in law that day and said ‘we better get your hair done before Aniston gets here, I think she’s coming soon’ .  After I showered, I painted my nails and toes, then Debbie (MIL) got there and we did her hair. We sat on the back porch and talked while she was processing. I by then had downloaded an app and decided we should start timing these “cramps”. They were anywhere from 5-8 minutes apart but still didn’t hurt so I didn’t think it was it. I did not want to go to the hospital and get sent home. My MIL kept asking “when is Jake going to be home?” haha. Jake worked late that night, he got home around 9ish.

Once Jake was home we got ready for bed and he played Candy Crush on his phone while I kept asking do you think this is it? Feel my stomach. Does it feel hard? … we had no clue what we were looking for. I texted my friend who worked in labor and delivery and told her what was going on. She convinced me to go get checked. So we got out of bed, did a load of laundry because I wanted a certain pair of shorts to wear (rolling eye emoji) because you change into a gown right when you get there. Once that was dry we kissed the dogs, took one last belly pic, and left.

We didn’t tell our parents we were going to the hospital until we got onto 30 from 820 which was about a little over the halfway mark from our house to the hospital. At that point I was grabbing onto the door in pain with every contraction. I told Jake we should probably tell our parents, he agreed, so we did.

When we got to the hospital we got all checked in and sent straight to the room. It was so weird because every contraction was very painful, like a super strong period cramp and like somebody had just hit my lower back really hard, all at the same time. Anyways, they only last about a minute and then it’s like nothing is wrong for 4-5 minutes. So Jake just distracted me until I could get an epidural.

We checked in at 11:55PM, I was dilated to a 6, and I requested an epidural right away. That came at 1:20am. When they checked me at 3:45am I was dilated to a 10 at 4am we did a test push since there were three other girls ready to go as well and I failed haha. I had no idea what I was doing or how to push. So they had me labor down until 6:30am. Before we started pushing they had me on my side and put this peanut shaped big ball in-between my legs (that looked like a work out ball). It was to help push her down and relieve pain. I had a “hot spot” on my epidural so I could still feel a small spot of contractions on my left front hip area, it was so weird. They gave me a button to push for the epidural and eventually after rolling from side to side with that ball it got better. At 6:30am I pushed for an hour, 15 times, with the help of Jake, and she came at 7:36am. 6 pounds 12 ounces, 19 inches long, so tiny, so perfect, sweet little princess, with brown hair, and dimples. That’s how I remember her. Jake never left her side after she was here and still is totally obsessed with her. She has his heart that’s for sure. He is such a great daddy, he was made to be a daddy and so natural at it that’s for sure! I also never cried it was the strangest thing! Until my Dad held her.

Our families came in and out of the room the whole time we were in labor talking to us, distracting me, and waiting for Aniston. It was the most amazing experience we have ever been through. I cried the whole way home from the hospital because it was over. Probably hormonal ha. We got home late on a Thursday night, Jake showed her her room and then we all got ready for our first night at home. It went really good.

I’ll do a post next on our lives now and how she’s sleeping and everything. Maybe a Q & A.

Thanks for reading,

love britany

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