Plum Paper Planner

| Planner – Plum Paper | Top –  here, similar | Shorts – here | Shoes – similar, similar, similar | Watch – here | Bralette – here |

Let’s talk about planning and big buns!

Now, I’m not super OCD and scheduled but I do love a good planner. I have used a lot of different ones and this year I chose Plum Paper and have loved it! You can even insert your own sheets. I chose a budgeting and blogging tab to enter with sheets customized for each one. This way I can redo my budget every month and keep up with blog posts and stats and things like that. 😉 hey that rhymed. On their site you can choose your days to lay out vertically or horizontally and each selection is further customized from there. So much personal customization with this brand! I love it!

I also am obsessed with this outfit. If I’m not in athleisure  (I feel so fancy every time I use that word), I’m in shorts and a tee on my days off. And you better bet my hair is up. I was sad when I tried to link these shoes. Apparently there was a recall on them so I have just linked similar. Not sure how shoes have a recall on them. If anyone knows please let me know. I’m still very curious.

I hope you are all having a great week. I’ve got a video tutorial coming for you next!


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