Braided Into A Mohawk

Sometimes I’m getting ready for work and I am in a hurry so I randomly create these fun looks. I’m in a hurry because my toddler is in the bathroom right there with me getting into EVERYTHING. I mean it, now she not only opens the drawers, which I refuse to put locks on since they are all over our kitchen, she now can open makeup products. I mean when did she learn to twist a lid off!? Most of the time when I have to go somewhere my hair is up in one of these with makeup on and my bathroom looks like a tornado came through. Recently I found some old hot rollers, does anyone use those? Well it’s a great toy, unplugged of course! She puts the rollers in and mostly out of the container.

I hope you like this updo and you get something out of it. Maybe a new idea for yourself. If you recreate this look please tag me on Instagram so I can see!


Thanks for reading!


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