Side Extension Braid

| Shirt – I got this from Marshall’s but here is a similar one here,and here, .| Jeans – old, similar here | Shoes – here| Earrings – here| Aniston’s bows – here | Aniston’s shoes – here |

Let me tell you about my love for braids! It may take me just as long to do a braid as it does to curl my hair, but I don’t have to dry it so that saves time. I will do these braids with dirty hair, slept on wet hair, and clean hair. But they typically save me time and are super fun!

I recently purchased some Barefoot Blonde Extensions and this is what I am using in my tutorial below! Sorry about the fuzziness and tummy shot, I am working to find a solution. I hope ya’ll are having an amazing Thursday and have big plans for the weekend.


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Healthy Chicken Salad

Here it is, the chicken salad post!

Last week, well 5 days ago I restarted the 21 day fix with my mom. We do it early in the morning before “the kids” wake up. (I  still have little sisters under 16). This is just what works best for us. If I wait for the end of the day I will find 100 excuses not to do it. Now the last week, which is only week 3, you’re supposed to do like a 2-a-days type thing. This may be our struggle, but we will try our best!

I did a story on Instagram a couple weeks ago about my chicken salad that I make every week. It is really good, even if you aren’t following the 21 day fix diet program. Which, I have failed to complete one whole day of! I always find something sweet! Anyways, here is the recipe for this chicken salad. It is super simple and super fast. You can cook your own chicken, rotisserie chicken, or whatever. This week I did canned so that is what I photographed for you.

Healthy Chicken Salad

  • A whole rotisserie chicken or 2 large breasts
  • 1 cup of plain nonfat greek yogurt
  • 2 celery stalks cut up
  • 1 cup of halved grapes
  • salt & pepper
  • poultry seasoning
  • I also use everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s

FOR THE 21 DAY FIX FOLLOWERS If you do a cup of this (in my opinion and I’m just roughly guessing)

  • 1 protein
  • .5 fruit
  • .5 veggie

Happy Tuesday!


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Hair Tutorial – Half Up Cute Dirty Hair

Hello girlies!

Today I have uploaded a super cute live for you! Featuring Aniston, trying to get a ponytail lol. Not really, but she does make an appearance. This hair style is so easy, simple, and super cute. You can style this straight or curly. Check it out and have an awesome rest of your week!

Thanks for stopping in,



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Hair Tutorial – How I Blow Dry My Hair Straight


Hi, It’s been awhile since I have last posted on my blog. I want to get back into the swing of it. This is such a great way to get involved in helping others as well as a creativity outlet for me. I have been doing a lot of Facebook and Instagram lives lately. So… I thought…..before when I would do a tutorial it would take me roughly 4-6 hours total filming, editing, and writing a post. That’s exhausting, and so I got tired of it even though I liked doing it and the idea of it. So the other day I was talking to my friend Caitlin, who also has a blog here,  and she suggested putting my Facebook lives onto my channel! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! So, they will be raw, unedited, toddler friendly footage!

The one I have for you today is a great starting point. This is how I dry my hair straight, if I’m getting the luxury of drying it ;).Most of the time I wash during the day or at night and let it air dry then style as needed. But… when I do get that random chance to blow dry I get TONS of body and I feel like my style lasts longer.

Take a peek! I hope you all are having an amazing week!

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