A Simple Flower Braid

This is one of my baby sisters, Kelsey, my twin as we like to call each other. The other girls look like us too but we definitely favor each other a little more. I have demonstrated a flower braid on her. This is the braid I also wore in my engagement pictures. Below I will link a tutorial that we made. I hope you can hear it ok. You can see how to do this clearly though :).

Hi everyone!
Let’s do a #noheatinjuly challenge. So basically what that is… no heat applied to your hair to style it. It’s hot enough outside, don’t you think? For the whole month of July I’m going to attempt NO heat applied to my hair. So there will be lots of braiding involved and I will try my hardest to have time to get you some braid tutorials. My video software has been acting up so bare with me :).

You may even blow dry your hair once or twice a week or curl a few pieces around your face. But hey, that’s better than every single day. Let’s give our hair a break from the heat so it can grow and become healthier.

If you follow me on Snapchat @ britanymarshall you saw that I tried…. I tried to go a little darker. Well…. I kind of maybe freaked out a little a lot and came home over the weekend and pulled some of that dark color out myself and added a few blonde pieces around my face. So with that being said my hair has gone through a lot over the weekend so I am all for this #noheatinjuly challenge.

So if you do a braid or something that requires no heat, take a selfie and tag me on instagram and hashtag #noheatinjuly.

I hope you enjoyed this video! Have a great week. The 4th is just around the  corner!!!!

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