Aniston is 5 months now

Our life has forever changed and we love it. It’s crazy how much one little person can impact your life. (heart-eyed emoji) Aniston is getting so big so fast now. I can only imagine how fast life will go now. ๐Ÿ™ SLOW DOWN!!!

Aniston started sleeping through the night at 4 months exactly. I had part of my thyroid removed, due to a large nodule (noncancerous hallelujah!), and my mom and Jake watched Aniston while I slept off the anesthesia. Because I think that was the worst part of the surgery, everything else except where my throat was scratchy from the tube was ok. So, night number two mom went home and Jake took over. Aniston woke up at 4 AM like usual, Jake went in, patted her back, and she said ‘Where are my boobs?’ Then went back to sleep.ย At least I assume this is what her little brain was thinking haha. So since then she has been sleeping through the night! YAY!

She still hates naps and we have to walk/bounce her to sleep. Very seldom will she go to sleep if we just lay her in her crib. But, at night time for the most part when I’m not being emotional haha I’ll lay her in her crib after her last feeding and she falls asleep/ talks to sleep on her own. It is so sweet.

When she was like 4 1/2 months I gave her cereal a few times… she didn’t love it and I researched some about it and decided to skip ย it all together. There are so many different opinions from so many different mommies, pediatricians, blogs, google, everything! You learn eventually to just do what is best for your baby. So I decided to skip cereal (for now at least). … A couple weeks after I introduced a banana to her. Her tummy got upset and I didn’t like that so we didn’t continue with solids. When she turned 5 months I decided to puree my own baby food. I had wanted to do this since the beginning so I made Gala apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots. It was super easy and I had fun. So far she loves apples and sweet potatoes. We haven’t tried carrots yet. I was doing three days of apples and then switched to sweet potato. For the two days of sweet potato she woke up at 10:30 both nights with what looked like a tummy ache. So then I started second guessing her being ready for solids. That was two days ago and since then also we have used all of our milk supply and I am not producing enough during work for her to take with her the next day. So I threw in the white towel (or I really didn’t have any other choice) and we are going to start supplementing tomorrow but still using breastmilk as I can. Since we are introducing formula (which makes me so sad because I wanted to provide for her) I’m sure her tummy will become upset so we are holding off on solids for awhile longer. We weren’t really eating a lot, just playing here and there so she would learn how to use a spoon and her tongue. You just wish they could talk and tell you what’s going on ha.

Before anyone starts talking about formula or breastmilk. Everyone has their own opinions about that too and I think both are good for baby, it was just something that was important to me and I wanted to do. So that’s why I was sad. But I’m trying to not be upset about it so maybe my supply will thrive and we can move on. I did make cookies last night and was able to pump one ounce after feeding her this morning. Yay! To those of you with lower supply you know how great this is haha!!!!

Right now I’m struggling with a Christmas present for a 6 month old (her). I want to get her something memorable. I got a rocking horse for my 1st Christmas and it’s in Aniston’s nursery now and I think that is so neat. So something like that. Maybe a rocking chair with her name on it or something?

Every month is my new favorite, she just keeps getting more fun. I love watching her grow, learn, and love!

The only reason I am able to type this today is because she just took a 2 HOUR nap!!!! She is now waking up so I’ve got to go ha!

Have a great day!

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