Baby Marshall

We try to take a pic with the show dogs … and typical, they think we are giving them treats.

My Daddy of 4 daughters and 1 step daughter may or may not be secretively wanting a boy. Probably not haha! He would never say if he was anyways!
All of my sisters
If you have been following my Instagram you’ve seen we are expecting a new addition to our family! We are so excited! It’s so crazy that one day it’s just Jake and me an the next we will have a baby! Half me and half him!! (scary haha) 
We announced it to our parents and siblings with our dogs. Poor puppies haven’t the clue what is coming. I ordered these shirts an XXL I guess they are for breeds like Katey Mcfarlan’s dog (a 2 pound Maltipoo) haha because they clearly fit my 90+ lb labs like muscle shirts. HAHA
We found out on a Sunday and moved into our house that Friday and had everyone over!
We find out Saturday(TOMORROW!) what the gender is. We are doing a “gender reveal” and I am sooo super excited!  We decided to pop a balloon with colored confetti in it so we shall see how this goes. My cousin / best friend will know the sex and that is it! I’m sure she will feel the pressure. I know her family is already pressing her for info. I’m super excited to let her know before we do, we are the same age (2 months apart to be exact) and have grown up together. She graduates PA (Physician’s Assistant) school in May and Baby Marshall is due in June so it’s perfect timing! Except I won’t be able to fly to New Mexico to watch her graduate because I will be about to pop. 
Last week I was 15 weeks pregnant and I would say that’s when my belly started to feel “pregnant” and not just look like a beer belly or feel bloated. Baby Marshall is letting my belly take pregnant form now…. I’m kind of excited to look pregnant. It is awkward and I do try on ten outfits a day before I decide “Oh yeah I guess I don’t look like I’ve ate 20 cookies in this” the in-between is so hard. I’m sure when my belly gets real big I’ll be wishing I looked like 20 cookies instead of 1000 haha. 
Jake is so super excited and it is so cute, awesome, emotional, and great to watch him adore this baby that has not even been born yet.  I cannot wait to see his face when he finally meets Baby Marshall. 
Both of our parents will be first time grandparents along with a ton of siblings so I’m sure this baby will have it made and we (Jake and I) will be in trouble! 
I haven’t gotten sick at all. The only time I gagged was when:
We got a Roomba for the dogs in our house. One of them had pooped inside, and the Roomba drug it across the whole house. Lets just say there is no candle that can over power that scent. 🙁 
It’s been a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I was completely exhausted in the beginning, one time I fell asleep in Jake’s truck while they were loading rock for our mailbox into the bed! I never took naps before and now they are my best friend. Hats off to anyone that’s pregnant with a toddler or any other aged child! 
I’m super excited for my pregnant journey and the many journeys after with Baby Marshall. Any mom’s let me know what I have to register for because that is way overwhelming and I think I need to start looking at stuff for the baby soon. I mean we find out Saturday so I will already be looking at the cute stuff! Can’t wait to meet Baby Marshall! 
Due June 16!

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