Body Come Back Day 2

Body Come Back Day 2

 Good Morning beauties! I’ve put together a couple things to get your workout motivation for the day.
Including a sparkling headband to keep your bangs out of your way and some cute hair ties to keep your hair up without damaging it. Oh and these Nike snake print leggings are on sale! I LOVE sales!
Snake tights |Nordstrom Sale|

Headband |Link|
Hair Ties |Link|
Yesterday me and my husband ventured out onto the icy roads and it was sooo scary. But I wasn’t too worried because he has a four wheel drive and he’s a pretty good driver. Still scary though, so I starred at Instagram to keep myself distracted the whole way to our therapy meeting. PHYSICAL therapy haha. 
When Jake tore his ACL I also went in for my shoulder and knee. My injury is a lot less extravagant than his but still needing therapy. Basically my posture stinks, I work on my feet all day, and I did not do so good at working out…. (Crossfit)  :(. They can’t tell me what has caused my problems but say it is a combination of the three. I really wish I listened to my parents when I was little and kept my shoulders back… now my nerves are pinched and causing a lot of painful issues.
So this is why we are in therapy together right now. Yesterday was the first day we went at the same time and it was fun. It always helps when you have a work out partner. 
Below I have listed day 2 of my first week back to working out.
I hope you enjoy!
Day 2 Booty/Abs
*Lay on your back while bending your knees and setting your feet hip distance apart.
*Raise your hips up to make a straight line to your knees.
*Slowly raise one foot into the air to make your leg straight, parallel with your other thigh then set it back down.
*Do the same with the opposite leg.
*Lower your hips.
*Hold your abs tight during all of this
*Do 3 sets of 10 (above is one set)
~Now do 1 minute on the jump rope and 30 bicycle crunches~
*Lay on your side in a spooning position. (bending your knees)
*Keeping your feet together lift your top knee up and then place it back down
*Switch sides
*Do 3 sets of 10 on each side
^^To make this more difficult, get a resistance band |from academy| and put it around your thighs, right above your knees.^^
~25 jumping jacks and 30 seconds of plank~
*Start with your feet shoulders distance apart.
*Squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
*Hold for 3 seconds, then return to starting position.
*Do 3 sets of 12
~1 minute on the jump rope and 25 sit ups~
*Start with your feet shoulders distance apart.
*Do a squat like above^ 
*Now while you are in the squatting position step together
*Stay down and take a step out to the squatting position again
*Stay down and repeat stepping together
*Stay down stepping apart.
*Do 10 steps leading with your right, then 10 steps leading with your left.
^^To make this more difficult, again put a resistance band around your thighs
~25 jumping jacks and 30 seconds laying on your back and holding your feet out straight in the air about 3-6 inches off the ground~
——–Be sure to keep your knees wide and your booties back while squatting so you don’t hurt yourselves, You should be able to see your feet while you squat!———— 

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