Body Come Back Day 4

Body Come Back Day 4

|| Lips – Dragon Fruit || Blush – Whisper Rose || Face – Skin Transforming Foundation || 
|| Lash – Lash Serum ||
I’m over this cold weather but new makeup makes it better. On Monday I got all my new makeup in and it was so exciting! It’s always like Christmas around here. In the pic above I’m wearing my new Lip Balm and Foundation. It wasn’t cakey at all and the Lip Balm smelt soooo good! It’s stocked and ready to go.
 I did order some great brow tools that are coming soon also. Big brows are trending this Spring, so grow those babies out! Orchid – the lipstick you all love is back in stock as well. 
Yesterday also, Jake and I just went to the gym and were both able to get on the bikes together! You always need a rest day or two, depending on what you are doing. If not your muscles would be way overloaded and that’s when you get hurt! I’m also trying to do something each day even if it is just walking so my body gets back into habit.
I am doing legs today. I feel like you either love or hate legs. I am a legs kind of girl so I love it! But I am approaching my work outs differently so we will see how much I love this.

*Stand with your legs shoulders distance apart
*Raise up onto your tip toes
*Slowly return to the starting position
*Do 40 reps of these

-25 sit ups and 1 minute jump rope-

*I’ve attached a picture, courtesy of Pinterest!
*Do 3 sets of 10 on each let
<<<you can just use your couch if you don’t have a ball>>>

-25 bicycle crutches-
*Start on the ground in front of a step or box
*Step up onto the step/box with your right leg 
*Bring your left leg up like you are about to take another step up (your thigh should be parallel to the ground)
*Then bring your left leg back down and step off the step with your right leg
*Do 15 steps on each leg {30 total}
-30 sec plank and 1 minute running in place-
*Start with your feet together
*Take your right leg and place it behind you, lowering into a lunge position (keep weight on your front leg)
*Bring your right leg back to starting position
*Do this 30 times alternating legs {15 on each leg}
-30 second right side plank and 1 minute jump rope-
*Start with your feet hips distance apart
*Turn your toes out like a ballerina (make your toes point at 11 and 2 on the clock)
*Squat down until your legs are parallel with the ground
*Hold for 3 seconds and return to your starting position
*Do 3 sets of 15
-30 second left side plank and 25 jumping jacks- 
I hope you enjoyed today’s workout tips.
Hang in there it’s almost the weekend :)!
Thanks for stopping by!


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