Body Come Back Day 5

Body Come Back Day 5

Hello Friday, you look good! 

Below I’ve put together some cute finds at one of my favorite stores, Academy! The leggings are $20 off regular price and the pullover is a perfect color to transition your workout wardrobe from winter to spring. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned and that the ice stays away.
 Come on SPRING! I’ve also listed a workout for day 4 below. 
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Shoulders and Back

*Start with your feet shoulders distance apart
*Grab a dumbbell in each hand (small weights)
*Curl your arms up with your palms facing you
(now you are in the starting position)
*Bring your arms straight overhead while turning your hands so your palms are facing away from your body
*Slowly bring your hands back down to your shoulders, turning your hands back to the starting position, bending your elbows 
*Do 3 sets of 15
-30 second plank, 1 minute jump rope-
*Start with dumbbells in your hands, feet shoulders distance apart
*Lift your hands out in front of you, just like you are pointing at something with your arms, they should be straight out in front of you
*Hold for 3 seconds
*Lower back to starting position
*Do 3 sets of 12
-30 second right plank, 1 minute jump rope-
*Start with your feet shoulders distance apart, dumbbells in hand
*Bend over at your waist to a 90 degree angel 
*Lift your arms out to the sides, elbows straight until they are as high as your body
*Slowly let your arms back down together
*Do 3 sets of 12
-30 second left plank, 1 minute jump rope-
*Grab a resistance band
*Start with your feet shoulders distance apart 
*Your shoulders should be back (get really good posture)
*Hold the resistance band in both hands
*Bend your arms to a 90 degree angle keeping your elbows next to your body
*Now your hands should be in fists, holding the band, and your palms should be up
*Pull a part, bringing your hands out just enough to feel the resistance 
*Then come back to start
*Do 3 sets of 15
-25 sit ups and 1 minute jump rope-
*Start in a push up position (dumbbells in hands for more difficulty)
*Raise you arm up off the ground leading with your elbow, like you are going to elbow someone
(raise it high enough that your hand reaches the height of your armpit)
*Return to starting position
*Do 3 sets of 10 on each arm
-1 minute plank-
I hope you all have enjoyed this fitness week. Let me know if you have any great work outs that you love!
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