(A.K.A Beach Waves or Wavy Curls)

This is the BMB curl tutorial you’ve all been asking about. I’m always doing this on all of my clients, when they ask :). It can be as messy or as sleek as you make it. These pictures are imitating in-between the two. 
Step 1: Start with dry hair. Then spray all over with your favorite thermal protector, I like Wella or Kevin Murphy because they work well and both smell AH-Mazing! 
Step 2: Separate each layer of your hair starting with a mo-hawk section on the top of your head. Do this by grabbing some hair with your fingers, twisting, and clipping. (Like you were Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s but with smaller sections.) Like below.

Step 3: Your sections should be about  two fingers width and depth (like the diameter of a nail polish bottle) If you have thicker hair you may have to take less. Spray with a strong hold hair spray and curl each piece with a Babyliss 1 1/4 inch curling iron (or whatever you prefer). I suggest keeping the heat around 250 degrees, unless you want to make it onto Ellen like that cute blonde girl did! If you have coarse hair you can bump it up a little…. a little!!! Start from the top of the section, close the curling iron onto the hair close to the root, twist the curling iron around while opening and closing the “clamper” until you’ve reached the last 2 inches of hair and then remove the curling iron. Always leave out 2 inches, this makes the wavy look happen.

Step 4: If your hair tends to fall easy you can set it by pinning each hair up. Twist the hair into a circle going the same way as the curl and just push a bobby pin into it. You can also use double prong clips, but I bet most of you already have bobby pins if that works for you.

Why do I set curls? 

Because when the curling iron comes off of your hair your hair is hot. It’s going to fall easier with it still being hot. So if you pin your curls up while they are still hot they will cool down and stay all day. 🙂

Step 5: Continue these curls with each piece of hair. When you are done with the first horizontal section drop down the next. Until you have reached the top. If you are wondering which way to curl the hair I like to curl away from the face on the top of your head and the front sides. I will do all the other pieces away from the face and meeting at the very back or switch it up with every other one. You can take bigger pieces for a softer look or smaller pieces for a tighter curl/wave. You can even do different size pieces around all of your head to mix it up and make more of a messy, non-uniformed look.

Step 6: After you have curled and pinned all of your hair up leave it for about 3 minutes or even better, do your make up, make your lunch for the day, or whatever else you need to do before you leave. You can do another round of hairspray if you feel like you need some extra hold.

Step 7: Now take all your pins out and shake your head like you are on an Herbal Essence commercial. It helps if you say Yes!…. Yes! Ha ha. Just kidding, but feel free. If you want your look to be wavier you can run your fingers through it a bit while moving your hand horizontally from side to side as you go down your hair. Then spray those beautiful curls with some more hair spray and/or a texturing spray. Kevin Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray works the best for this and it smells like heaven on the beach.
See these are away from her face like Farrah Fawcett 🙂 ^^^
Step 8: Take a selfie and tag @britanymarshallbeauty on Instagram so I can see :). 

Thank you Katey McFarlan for being such a gorgeous model for me :)! 


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