Blonde Maintenance

I get asked all the time… “How often should I come in to maintain this blonde?” Unfortunately, or fortunately (for others), there isn’t just one answer to this. It all depends on what kind of blonde you are. Below are pictures of some of my blonde clients. I will tell you what we do and how often they come in.




All of these clients above have about 6 weeks in-between each color appointment. We do a pretty heavy foil, about 1/4 of an inch apart if not closer. Some clients require closer foils if their base color (natural color) is darker. I typically tell my clients who want to be this “Ice Queen Blonde” that they need to come in every 6-8 weeks. We do a full for their first appointment, then a partial, another partial, then finally followed by another full. This pretty much averages to about 2 full highlights a year.

We offer “pony tail highlights” during a partial if this is something a client likes to see. A “pony tail highlight” is basically a few foils around the neck and sides for when you pull your hair up into a ponytail. You know so you can look like you have blonde all around without paying for the full each time. Also, because we don’t do fulls every time, this allows your hair underneath to get a good break!



These clients still come in around 6-8 weeks. They can get away with 3-4 partials before we do a full if they come in on a regular basis. The only reason we still come in as often is to obviously keep up with the roots 😉 unless they are going for a “melt” but that is a whole other story. So I typically spread these foils out about 1/2 an inch or more. Also, as you can see we tag team our full highlights (which is the whole head) so our clients don’t have to sit in our chair while we work on them for an hour and a half. Instead we can knock a full out in about 45 minutes! This is amazing and something new that we offer to our clients. I am the queen of not wanting to sit still so trust me, I get it!

SIDE NOTE: you can still have a cooler toned blonde and look natural as well as a golden tone!


I know what you are thinking… she is NOT blonde! But… when I have a brunette client who has never colored her hair before come in and we balayage some blonde in there, guess what?! “OMG I’m blonde!!! I love it!”  HA and it is so much fun and so satisfying for me to see their eyes light up when they see something new. Bringing lighter pieces around certain features can totally change the way someone looks and feels about themselves. I know it sounds crazy, but just try it and trust me! (not at home of course ;). ) Both of these pictures are totally different but I wanted to include both since my balayaged clients want to know how often they need to come in too!

For someone like the lighter picture: this client may come in every 8 weeks or even every 12 weeks. It really just depends on what they are going for. If you want to maintain the “rootage” come in sooner, but if you are sticking closer to the seasons then go with 12 weeks. (lighten for summer and spring). You could only lighten around your face during the fall and winter, then bring it up everywhere else during the warmer months if you are into following the seasons.

My balayaged clients are normally ones that want a SUPER natural look, sun-kissed look, lower maintenance color, and less of a harsh grow out.


I hope this helps someone! Please let me know any questions you have I would love to help! This is the first of my blonde series posts! I’m so excited for this! Can you tell by all the !!!!

Thanks for reading!


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