Katey McFarlan’s Romantic Fishtail Braid

I am so excited and honored to announce a giveaway with my friend, Katey McFarlan Hellman! I’m sure most of you know, I have done her blonde hair for quite some time now. If you do not know her, you should! I promise you will fall in love with her blog, Chronicles Of Frivolity. She has the best style and GREAT tips for mommies, wives, and is the most organized girl I know. She also has the sweetest and most genuine heart.

The other day we got to play and shoot this fun braid for a tutorial. I think this look would be cute for a bridesmaid, dinner date, wedding guest, a day out with your girls, or even family pictures. It is so versatile! You could go from romantic to fun and sassy with this braid. Below I have posted the steps for this braid and after the tutorial I have provided a way to enter the giveaway for these 2 piece hair extentions by Amber Fillerup!


STEP 1 First we put some clip in extensions in to create body and length, which allows a super pulled apart, messy, romantic braid. We used these extensions.


STEP 3 Snack time.

STEP 4 Take a small section from one side and begin to twist, adding hair as you go, sweeping the hair over to one side. Once you have it where you want the braid to start you can then secure with criss crossing bobby pins to start the foundation for the braid.

STEP 5 Separate into two big pieces, letting some of the shorter hairs at the top fall loose.

STEP 6 Grab a tiny piece from one of the two pieces and cross it over the top to merge with the other side.

STEP 7 Grab another tiny piece from the side you just merged with, cross it over the top, then merge with the other side, continue this until about 2-3 inches away from the bottom of the length.

TIP: Grabbing smaller pieces makes for a more intricate braid and when you grab the small pieces to cross over grab from the outside of each section.

STEP 8 Grab the end of the braid with one hand while you loosen the braid with the other. Do this by pulling some of the hair loose in the braid. This creates a, sometimes, messier (depending on how much you pull) and thicker braid.

STEP 9 Secure with a clear pony and then wrap a tiny little hair around it and tuck it in.

STEP 10 Pull down pieces around your face and loosen anything else that you want messier and bigger.

 STEP 11 We curled the top pieces with this GHD 1 inch barrel leaving the last 2 inches out. If you have hair like Katey (will hold anything, even the Shirly-ist curls all week long) pull the curl down after you curl it to relax it a little. If you have hair like me (that could fall soon) recoil the curl and hold it in your hand until it will cool off so your curls will last!

STEP 12 Spray with this hair spray and you are good to go all day and all night!

I hope ya’ll liked this braid as much as we did and are able to achieve this look! Send me pics of your braids or tag me on Instagram, I would love to see!

Below you have a chance to win Barefoot Blonde 2 piece extensions so don’t forget to enter! Winner will be announced Friday.

Photography by Madison Katlin.

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Side Extension Braid

| Shirt – I got this from Marshall’s but here is a similar one here,and here, .| Jeans – old, similar here | Shoes – here| Earrings – here| Aniston’s bows – here | Aniston’s shoes – here |

Let me tell you about my love for braids! It may take me just as long to do a braid as it does to curl my hair, but I don’t have to dry it so that saves time. I will do these braids with dirty hair, slept on wet hair, and clean hair. But they typically save me time and are super fun!

I recently purchased some Barefoot Blonde Extensions and this is what I am using in my tutorial below! Sorry about the fuzziness and tummy shot, I am working to find a solution. I hope ya’ll are having an amazing Thursday and have big plans for the weekend.


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Hair Tutorial – Half Up Flip Pony

Here’s a cute half up dirty hair style for your Thursday morning… hehehe. Because I know you are saving that clean hair for the weekend.


Sooooo….I tried something different! I filmed while I was getting ready with Aniston. My hair is dirty here so this is a super fast way to get a cute half up style with volume. The camera isn’t always on my head / hair but I’ll get better. This was fun and I’ll be doing them more often. It’s honestly easier to shoot this raw material versus setting up to shoot a full on video while my daughter naps, so I will be shooting more of these since I can get them out to you faster. 🙂

This is where I come up with most of my hair styles. In the mornings, in a hurry, while feeding Aniston her banana, and letting her play in my makeup. (covered monkey face emoji)

Let me know what ya’ll think of this! I also like how this is very raw, me getting ready before work (salon) with Aniston being her crazy banana eating self. I want to show you that you too can get ready with your toddler. I have linked all of the products I used below the video, just click on the picture of the item and it will take you there!

I hope ya’ll are having a good week so far, we have another Christmas party this weekend. 🙂

Thanks for reading,



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Tutorial | Messy Waves

Hey guys, this tutorial is perfect for summer! I let me hair air dry and then tousle it with a straightener to get messy waves. I hope you like this video!

                                     v v

Products Used

Thanks for reading/watching! Have a great Fourth of July!

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Tutorial | Pretty Ponytail

Hey guys,

So this is my new series on my blog!!! I’ve been doing tutorials, yes, but now I’m going to have one up on Tuesdays. I will try my very hardest to get one up every week. I will call these “Tutorial Tuesday” . Today’s tutorial shows you how to achieve a super cute pony you can wear with clean or dirty hair. I came up with this last week one day before work and fell in love. It’s so stinkin’ easy!


P R O D U C T S    U S E D
Clear Small Ponies
Amped Up Teasing Comb
Living Proof Dry Volume Blast
Small Bobby Pins
Kevin Murphy Session Hair Spray (Get this at a local salon)

Thanks for watching & reading!

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