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Photography : Beatbox Portraits / Dress : Altar’d State / Lips : Bite lipstick in Souffle / Baby Girl Sandals : Jack Rogers / Bracelets : Stella & Dot / Jake’s Shirt : Ariat / Jake’s Jeans : Cinch / Jake’s Boots : Lucchese /

We got to have a lot of fun taking our maternity pictures with miss Trish from Beatbox Portraits. She always makes us laugh and we are really comfortable around her as you can tell we are being ourselves. I wasn’t to thrilled to take these pictures because right around this time is when I started feeling real pregnant, but looking now I’m glad that we did and we will always have these to remember by.

Our last baby shower is today and it is with my sweet family and family friends. I am so excited to see everyone. It will be a blast, every event my Aunt, cousin, and sister plan together is going to be a good one.

Below I have listed all my pregnancy updates!


How far along: 35 Weeks 4 Days
Gender: Baby girl!
Total weight gain: 27 pounds! I’m using Bio Oil to prevent stretch marks. I don’t have any yet. I do have varicose veins still down my right leg and a couple on my right. My feet and ankles are swelling now, along with my hands and face. I can’t wear my wedding rings anymore so I wear this ring. It is super comfortable and if it gets stuck we can just cut it off. I wear the pink one to represent baby Aniston.

Maternity Clothes:  I have a handful of shirts that are maternity and two pairs of jeans that are maternity. When I’m not at work I wear tanks, under armor shorts, Jake’s T-shirts, and flip flops (because I can’t fit into close toed shoes anymore. I also cannot fit into my gym shorts other than the Under Armor ones. The others go half way up my thighs. HA!Sleep: My sleeping is hit or miss lately. I have to take naps on my days off when I can because I am exhausted from work. If there is something going on with the baby, like extra appointments, I cannot sleep because I am worried she is going to come early and have to be in NICU.

Miss anything: I will have to admit, the nice weather, even the rain, has made me miss having an adult beverage on a patio or on our back porch with Jake. I also miss working out. At 32 weeks I had to stop since I was already effaced 80% and dilated to a 1 because the Dr. or we do not want her to come early. Everyone is getting in shape for summer and I’m over here swelling up while I grow our baby haha. We only have 3 more days to make it to 36 weeks, apparently that is the magic number.

Cravings: Sweets!

Symptoms: Swelling, tired, braxton hicks, and a couple back aches.

Belly Button in or out: Still in and every now and then it will become flush or the very top will stick out.

Mood: Very anxious, scared, happy, and worried.

Best Moment this week: When we went to the sonogram specialist and Aniston caught up in size, well at least out of the scary stage, and is in the 33rd percentile now. The specialist told us she’s at 5 lbs 1 oz and I can’t wait to hold her!
Looking forward to: Seeing Jake with her, it’s going to be sooo sweet. I know he will be a great Daddy, he already is.
Exercise: I cannot work out until I’ve reached 36 weeks, this Wednesday, and at that point I will probably wait to walk until June 3rd. Unless I am not exhausted and it’s a really pretty day, I don’t know, we will see. June 2nd is my last day of work so I’m going to take it easy until then, and I want her to stay in as long as she needs to.
On My Mind: Always wondering if today will be the day we meet her and always thinking I may be going into labor haha.
I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday with their family and friends. Thank you for reading.


love britany

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