Crazy House

Staining ^^^

Rock and Brick ^^^

 Primed for WHITE ^^^
And I just love this and the fireplace ^^^
I opened up my blogger today and realized I hadn’t posted in over a month (wide eyed emoji). So I’m going to be better! This is a round up of what’s been happening at our house for the past month. 
We’ve had a lot going on. Like, I know everyone else has too. I swear Christmas and August are always crazy. I’m just glad all the kids are back in school and everyone is getting back to their normal routines. Now if only we could be in our house already. 
So originally we were supposed to move in around August, and then it rained. Then we were supposed to move in in September, now it’s October. Typical right? That’s what most people that have built a house before have told me anyways. 
We have finally picked out everything… I think. When I got back from Sonoma, California (I’ll put that trip up next week) we went and picked out lighting and hardware, rock, and mortar. But then two weeks ago I changed my mind on the rock and my husband was SUPER happy with me haha. But hey, it does look better now then what it was. Our brick is not the original that we had picked because it was on back order, so we had to pick new brick out super quick. I think I panicked and found a house we thought looked good…. We do love the brick, but I do know next time we will take our time and pick what we want. I think brick was the hardest thing and then picking a mortar! Oh MY GOSH! so many choices. Here’s a huge tip. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you want, stick with your gut and chose your first choice. 🙂 
I love love love the inside of our house. After getting back from Cali they started putting our cabinets in and that was probably my favorite part so far! Probably because I told them what we wanted and after a lot of pinterest pictures they made up my cabinets. I did go into my kitchen and opened every single cabinet and thought.. ‘ wow! we do not even have this much stuff! What in the world are we going to put in here?’ I also realized we had all that cabinet space with no place for a trash…. what? So I had to tell them, they were really nice and immediately came out and put a trash in for me :). I LOVE the vent a hood also! They did a really good job of finding exactly what I wanted. Trust me people show me pinterest hair all day long at the salon so I know how unrealistic it can be. haha.
So thank you Brycon Cabinets for helping!
This week they are painting and doing the outside brick and rock. Paint says they will be done by the end of the week. We shall see! The cabinets in the pics above and the beams are completely stained, the others that are white are just primed as of yesterday and maybe become WHITE today! 
Actually I still need to pick granite and I am doing that Friday. You see I am super scatter-brained with the house at the moment. I’m ready to be in!!! 
Friday is just around the corner! What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Grilling? One last party by the pool?

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