Drip Dry

Drip Dry

So I love for my nails to be painted but lets be real, I hate waiting for them to dry. Well… I don’t wait for them to dry. I’m always painting them and then trying to do things around the house right after and always, ALWAYS mess them up. There’s nothing worse than spending 30+ minutes working on your cuticles, filing, then even longer trying to polish them and then bam! messing them up.
 If I don’t paint them I usually do gels or the “dipped powder” but they do both tend to tear my nails up. I’m also a hair stylist so with my hands in the water and using them all day to braid color hair my nails are always chipping. So that’s kind of a waste of money for me to get them done and then right after they chip.
So when I was in Sally’s last week and found this beauty O.P.I. drip dry . I was really impressed! You just paint your nails like normal and let that polish dry for 1 minute. Then you put two drops of drip dry on each nail, wait 5 minutes and wah-la! They are dry! Just make sure the drops cover your whole nail. I will be using this every time I do my own nails now. 
Excuse our boy bedspread in these pictures. All of our wedding stuff is in storage for our new house and I can’t wait to reopen all of it!
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