Embroidered Maxi Dress

I have been wearing pretty much nothing but dresses lately. This dress is not maternity and you can pick it up at Target.
Life has been crazy lately, I went to a blogging conference and learned a lot of new things. Including switching my site over… so this is where I have been for the past week. So here you have it, my new site’s facelift and all. I’m still working out glitches so bare with me. I did everything myself so this is why it has taken 100 youtube tutorials later. HA!
I’m still pregnant lol! duh! 32 weeks this week 8 more to go. It’s getting really real, I think I actually may be able to say I’m ready to meet her now. Forever I thought, no I’m not ready… Am I old enough to be a mom? I don’t know what to do? How am I going to work, wife, and mother? But, I have to think…. ‘Everyone does this, it’ll be fine’.. and scary.
We are almost finished with her crib and bedding. I put a top coat on it Monday and finished Tuesday so this weekend we may get it together. I got a mattress for her, this one¬†from Target. So it will be ready for the crib and bedding. We take our maternity pictures next week so I want her nursery to be finished. Nothing like pushing the deadline huh? At least it’s not Aniston’s due date deadline.
She is moving like crazy lately and I can see and feel body parts sticking out of my sides all the time. Jake thinks she is doing gymnastics in there…. she probably is. Gymnast in training. I skipped last weeks workouts and continued again this week. I was down with allergies last week so I didn’t do much but work and work. I didn’t want it to turn into something worse…..and I also had Jake sommoning me to my bed or the couch lol.
I’ve got a new fast hair tutorial I’m working on for you, hopefully we get it up this weekend.
I hope everyone has a great week you are half way there!
Thanks for reading!
love britany

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