Faux Mowhawk Braid

How to achieve a Faux Mohawk Braid (and no you don’t have to know how to braid )

Step 1 – Tease and pull up half of your hair, wrapping a small section around the clear pony.

Step 2 into 3 – Take the ponytail and a clip and clip it up out of your way for the time being.

Step 3  – Grab more hair from the front and under the first ponytail and create another ponytail.

Step 4 – Split the second ponytail in half.

Step 5 – Release the clip and let the ponytail fall down in the middle of the split ponytail you just created.

Step 6 – Clip up the split ponytail.

Step 7 – Grab more hair and merge it with the ponytail you have let down.

Step 8 – Split the ponytail you just made and let down the clipped hair

Step 9-12 – Repeat until you have reached your nape. (all of your hair)

Step 13-15 – Keep creating this just as you have above, once you’ve reached your nape (neck) you can just grab hair from behind and spit it around the ponytail. You no longer need the clip.

Step 16-20 – Secure the final ponytail then pull out the hair to create a big loose look. Don’t worry the pulled back sections will stay tight while you create a voluptuous mohawk.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this look!

Love, Britany

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