Girls 1st Birthday Party

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A group of us all had babies month after month after month. Literally, March-August, one baby popped out a month. It was crazy cool! So three of us mamas decided to throw them a “friend birthday” together separately from their own birthday parties. It was a great idea. They actually all went to school together including husbands and are still really close. So you can imagine the larger group of friends. It’s pretty amazing they are all so close still. I’ve put together some of my favorite pics from the party. We decided to theme it as “wonderland”. We made yummy cupcakes and trail mix goody bags to go along with the theme and added a few pink touches and balloons. We didn’t do a whole lot and I think it turned out really nice.


This was also the day it reached 102 and super humid! Hence why all of our faces are bright red.You just never can predict the weather here in TX.

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