Halo Braiding

Halo Braiding

Thank you to my crutching (literally) husband for taking these pics of me … muah! 
He just had knee surgery and was walking up and down our land. Yes!! Our land that we are about to build on.

This is one of my favorite braids! It is soooo easy, and especially for dirty hair. Here I have an off center part, in the video you will see I had parted in the middle. 
I also just wore a T-shirt, showing you don’t have to dress up to dress your hair up :).
I also have this simple green denim dress I grabbed off the clearance rack at Urban Outfitters, to show that you can do so many different looks by adding different pieces with it! Denim dresses are so easy and fun!
Here’s the Halo Braid tutorial I have made for you guys. I hope you like it!



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