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Happy Easter!
We decided on a name for our baby girl. 
We’ve had it picked out for awhile, just wanted to make sure we didn’t hear anything else that we fell in love with more. Every name I would bring to Jake, he would just be like “yeah… I don’t know, it’s alright.” Alright is not good enough :). So when my client told me about Aniston I fell in love and went home to tell Jake. He said “well… I love Jennifer so..” haha of course he would say that. I could probably name her Aniston Underwood and he would love it! 
I have always thought Grace is such a pretty name so I knew from the beginning I wanted Grace. We did play with some J names. Aniston Jade, Aniston June, and so on, but none of them I felt were as pretty as Aniston Grace. Aniston is kind of an original name (in my opinion) so I wanted a pretty simple middle name to go with it. Also we didn’t want a mouthful of a name. 
It’s still weird for me to talk about her and call her “Aniston” instead of “the baby” but now it is getting easier and more natural. I think I’m getting more excited and anxious to meet her so I like saying her name more. Now that her nursery is coming together it’s becoming real.
This Wednesday I will be 29 weeks pregnant. 11 1/2 more weeks! 
I got this dress from Pink Blush Maternity. It’s the mint green floral dress.
 PInkBlush is having a site wide sale – 30% off – enter promo code CRAZYSAVINGS at check out! 
They also have more than just maternity clothes. They have some pretty cute items for babies and my non pregnant followers as well. I already have my eye on my next purchase for them.
I hope everyone has a great Easter and thanks for reading!!

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