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If you want to know the truth when Jake and I first met we were broke! Literally! I was 20, he 25, and I can remember telling him there was CHANGE in my bank account! Yikes! That makes me cringe. I guess you could say Jake was my Sugar Daddy until I got some clientele, oh yeah, and a second job. Gotta do what you gotta do. How did we make it?! A lot of praying, haha. Just kidding, but seriously. We lived on love. Before me and Jake were even engaged we became a team with our finances. Which looking back now, it wasn’t a bad idea at all, because we are still together, so no, I am not telling you to merge your finances with one another if you are not ready. I’m just telling you our story and how we did our budget and still do it now. I will be so happy if this post even just helps one person. This is not just for couples.

So a big thing for me in our marriage is that we are always honest with each other about finances. It just makes life so much easier. It’s what works for us. When I first started doing hair one of my clients pulled out this small accordion wallet like thing and pulled cash out of a section that had a label “hair” on it. I laughed and said I put my cash into envelopes too. She then told me about Dave Ramsey and his book Total Money Makeover. I went home told Jake about it, ordered the book, and fell in love. I now read Financial Peace, which is pretty close to the same, it just helps me stay on track. I need a good kick in the butt every now and then. I often walk around a store saying “I hate Dave” laughing, because deep down I love what he has done for me and my family so far.

At the beginning of each month I look our finances, zero out any accounts, and redo these budget forms I have put down below for you to download if you’d like to use them for June. This helps set us up for our goals, along with planning for our future and our kids. So now we have separate spots for each need that we budget for. (You could do cash envelopes, multiple checking accounts, whatever works) We pull from that location only when we are using money for a certain subject and when it’s out we know we are done. On these forms I have put certain categories and each category could be it’s own account, envelope, or however you do.


I hope you can take something from this post. I love using these forms, I have to write stuff down, make a plan of action.

Click on these links below to download the budget forms!

June Budget sheet 1       June Budget sheet 2       June Budget sheet 3

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