How To Curl Your Hair

It’s Friday! Yay! Also, it’s very VERY very hot here in TX like 110! UGH! I wanted to share with ya’ll how I curl my air dried hair with a larger barrel to create big waves. Below I have pictured the steps. I used this curling iron.


I started out with air dried hair from the night before. I sectioned it off right at the top of my ear, spraying with this heat protectant first. 

I curl backwards away from my face, starting at the middle of my hair and ending at the ends. DO NOT ROLL FROM BOTTOM UP :). (smiley face helps with the yell, right?)

I do this in about three sections from top to bottom, until I have curled my whole head. Once you’ve curled your whole head, leave it for a few minutes (letting your curls set), then run your hands through them. If your hair falls fast skip this step!

Then I take about an inch in width of sections in the top mohawk sections and tease each piece. Then follow with this spray. 


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I hope ya’ll enjoyed this tutorial. Please email or comment with any questions you have!

Have a great weekend!


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