How to do a half up “half french braid”

How to do a “half up half french braid”

Below I’ve put together a sequence tutorial of how to do this braid from the above pictures. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! In-between salon work and getting everything ready for our house to be built I’m doing the best I can to get you these braid tutorials you’ve all been asking for! 
I hope you love them because they were really fun shooting! 🙂
Step 1:
Take a small portion of the top of your hair. I left my part in the front, you don’t have to.
Step 2:
Separate this top section into 3 sections.

Step 3:
 Begin a normal 3 strand braid crossing one over and then the other.
Step 4:
 This is where you do a “french braid step”. Grab some hair from the front and connect it to the next piece that goes in the middle. And then put both of them into the middle.
Step 5:
Do a couple more regular 3 step braid steps.
Step 6:
Ending on the opposite side, grab some hair from your left side now and do your next “french braid step”. 
Step 7:
Then put this section into the middle and continue your three strand braid without adding any extra hair.
Step 8:
This is continuing your three strand braid. Do about 2-4 passes, depending on how far down you want it.
Step 9:
Grab hair from the other side and do your “french braid step” here.
Step 10:
Put a pony at the end and you are done!

Have a great week!!



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