How To Make Waves

How to make waves.
how to make waves in your hair

Do you ever just want to wake up with pretty natural beach waves? I know I do every. day. of. my. life. I often think how easy those have it that have more natural wave to their hair. Some embrace it, but most hate it and curl or blow out straight. I play a lot with my hair and I used to do this a lot and recently was reminded about it. It is so fun and gives your hair extra body too! Who doesn’t love body!? I have attached the full video tutorial at the bottom of this post. Let me know if ya’ll like seeing videos or pictures for tutorials. What’s easier and most efficient for you? I love making these and seeing ya’ll recreate these looks.

I honestly just do these before I head to work and/or some pictures are scheduled with photographers, but these are shot by my assisterant. (Can I call her that lol) She is my sister and a very GREAT assistant. She practically reads my mind at this point. She is going to try these waves soon because her hair is getting long again! Anyways, I’m rambling now. I scored this shirt for less than $10 at target on the clearance rack. I got it this week so they may have some left! The jeans are old from a Gap sale a long time ago, I made my own holes in them. I have another pair of black jeans I just recently got color on. (imagine that) so I may do a tutorial over how I make my own ripped jeans. Incase you aren’t a DIYer I found some similar and less than $40 here. I hope ya’ll have a great weekend. We will be at the lake with my Dad and in laws. SO EXCITED TO LOUNGE AND HAVEĀ  FAMILY TIME!

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| Top – Here | Jeans – Similar | Shoes – Similar (found at Nordstrom Rack) | Earrings – From this boutique |

| Curling Iron used to get this look – Here |

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