Introducing Pastels

Introducing Pastels

|| Shirt – Similar, Similar || Jeans – Similar || Shoes – Macy’s || Statement Necklace – Similar ||
Yesterday I actually, as you can tell, had a photographer. A.K.A my Mama :)! It helps so much when you have someone to help. Not that it’s less awkward walking through the park posing but it’s getting a lot easier. Ha! 
I mixed pastels with black today to help introduce spring. I couldn’t find this exact shirt for you because I got it on the clearance rack at J Crew Factory for $10. But I did JUST get it, so I’m sure if you go they may still have some. 
I love my toothpick jeans from J Crew, I will definitely be buying more. Denim is so hard for me to shop for so I get super excited when I find a pair I like. I used to have quite a bit more muscle in my thighs, zero booty, and a smaller waist. So I would always feel like I had the “poopie pants” look by the end of the day and I needed a belt because they are so tight on my thighs I can’t go down a size to fit my waist. I also like the “real” denim feel not the stretchy (those are called Jeggings). So… maybe I’m just too picky but I’ve seen a lot of people with similar bodies so tell me where your favorite places are to buy your denim. These toothpick jeans do not get baggy on me, nor do I feel like I need a belt.
Yesterday’s weather was so pretty here in Fort Worth. We had some mad fog in the morning but after that the sun actually came out and I got to meet my Ray Ban’s again. Click here to see them.
And if you saw the camel on my instagram I got to go play with some interesting animals yesterday. Including Lemurs, Camels, Deer, and some Puppies of course.
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