Lauren Conrad and Braids

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Yay I finally whipped out my White denim!  I love this pastel look, and if you read below you will see hear jeans are super cheap!
I love Lauren Conrad’s line from Kohl’s. She’s super reasonable and especially if you need something great last minute. She’s cute so you know her clothes will be cute! These jeans are actually the pencil jeans from two years ago that she carried but I found some very similar for you and they are only $36.99 right now!
House update: 
As of yesterday, all the dirt work is finished! Isn’t that crazy! So fast, they started on Friday and it was a huge transformation. I’m getting some pictures put together so those of you who want to see and also so I can have a journal of our progress. 
I’m kind of sad because we had to take a few trees out #treehugger but in the long run it will be good! It wouldn’t drain right and all that annoying stuff I don’t think about. I guess if I had a say we would keep them and then end up with water in our living room ha! So it’s best they come out and we can do some pretty landscaping or something.
I hope everyone is having a great week! It’s Friday eve so smile 🙂 and thanks for reading! 

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