Midweek Update 1/27/16

I know I say this a lot but, I cannot believe January is over this week! Where does time go? I swear you turn 20 and time flies :(. It makes me very sad. I know once our little girl is here it will go by even faster. 
I’m already 20 weeks today! WOW! Half way there, which also makes me sad. I feel like I am going to be so excited once she is here of course, but also I will be a bit sad. It’s not just me and her anymore (this is me being selfish, but I will own up to it haha) I will have to share her. She won’t come to work with me every day as I’m talking to every single one of my clients about how excited and happy I am as I am carrying her, as she’s kicking and squirming around inside of me. It is by far the most awesome experience I will probably ever go through. I have been lucky and haven’t been sick. So I have loved being pregnant. I also thought the other day that if we only have two kids I’m already 1/4 of the way  done with my pregnancies :(. That is sad too! Ha I’m probably just super emotional right now! ……duh, yes I am! 
This past weekend I got some kind of allergy/sinus crap that has been kicking my booty so that is not fun. You cannot take anything pregnant or at least I choose not to because I’m scared she’s going to come out with three eyes or something and it will be all my fault. So Tylenol it is! Monday I slept ALL DAY long so surely that rest will help and we’ll be up and going again. 
I’m trying to become more organized this year and before she comes. So I made myself a cleaning schedule, I want to start and stick to, so once this babe is here I can stay on track and somewhat organized. I haven’t been able to keep up with January so hopefully February will be better! 
I started feeling baby girl move at 16 weeks and she is getting stronger and stronger! Monday I told Jake I saw my stomach move. He says I was seeing things. Every night we lay in bed and he tries to feel her. I can’t wait until he can 🙂 so he can feel a portion of how I feel every day! 
I bought two books for her so far, well for me. They are for her sleeping and nursing schedule. One of my sweet mommy clients told me about them. 
1. 12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks 
2. The baby sleep solution 
I like to read how to books, self help, directional books, whatever you want to call them. I am not much of a winger haha! I think I would get way too stressed out if I just went with the flow of everything. I know I will have to with some stuff, but there is so much that at least I can feel better with filling my brain up with as much as possible.
We had two family birthdays last week Kortney, my now 22 year old sister, and Daniel, my now 27 year old brother-in-law. 
Also today we get to do our 20 week sonogram, this should be fun! Sonograms are my favorite! I love watching her (now that I know she is a her) move around and seeing her arms and legs. So neat! I bet she is going to look huge at this sonogram. Last time she was only 13 weeks so there should be a significant change! 
I’ll catch up with you next week on my Midweek Update!
Have a great week!!

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