Midweek Update 2/10/16

I’m 22 weeks today! Only 18 more weeks until she is here, wow! 
Last weekend we threw a baby shower for a friend, that was fun. Jake worked on his truck so we can sell it. It’s almost done! Then we can start the fence for the dogs. I am working on her bedding still, I haven’t gotten far, I’ve only had time on Monday’s and this past Monday was a trying one. 🙁 My external hard drive crashed that has a lot of pics, videos, and work things on it. So we are working on recovering that. If anyone has had any luck with this before or knows someone that can please let me know! 
We are also searching for a Tuesday and Thursday nanny or looking for a good daycare. This makes me so so so nervous! I had a bad dream about it last night :(. Which means I am stressing over it. If anyone loves newborns and needs a Tuesday/Thursday job send me an email! 
I didn’t get a tutorial out this past Sunday and I am sorry. I was really busy last week and this week isn’t much better. We are going to the coast this weekend for a family weekend trip to see Jake’s grandparents. I’m excited for our small getaway. 🙂 But I had to cram all my clients into this week so that makes for longer days. 
I am getting varicose veins on my lower leg already :/  so I ordered some compression tights. I hope they are not hot! I’m already hot natured (or I just sweat a lot haha). I also ordered some New Balance shoes to help with feet/leg pain. I’m only 22 weeks I can’t imagine how it will be when I gain more. I’ve gained 10-12 pounds so far. So seeing those numbers on the scale is pretty scary haha. But it’s normal and a beautiful thing , I know ha, so don’t worry right?! Easier said! I’m trying to stay active on  my days off and trying to run/walk is getting harder. I’m having cramps in my lower stomach that are pretty crazy so half the time I am running and then walking with a hunch back because I have to hunch over. 
Other than the cramps and tiredness I’m still loving and having a great pregnancy!
I got most of my registering done. I’m looking into these strollers… so if you have any advice I’d love to hear.
1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller
2. Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogging Stroller
One that is good to jog with and lightweight so I can use it elsewhere as well. (Like errands)
I also got my first set of kankles this past Saturday haha. (that was weird) Being pregnant is sometimes (most of the time) weird. haha but I love it and I can’t wait to see her and hold her!! 
I hope you have a great week! Happy Valentine’s day! 

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