Midweek Update 2/17/16

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. We spent our weekend in North Padre, with family, visiting Jake’s grandparents. It was really nice, the beaches were a lot prettier than I expected. No seaweed and the sand was pretty. It was surprisingly warm as well. I wore shorts one day! In February! One word… TEXAS! Jake’s grandparents just moved there so we wanted to see their place as well. They are right on the ocean so it is really pretty to wake up to a sunrise on the beach. 
I’m 23 weeks pregnant today..119 days until she’s here, but who’s counting. 🙂 On our way back from the coast we stopped by the San Marcos outlets and I got her a chambray dress, bow to match, and a Columbia zip up. (my heart) I love little clothes! I can’t wait to play dress up with her when she gets here. 
I think I experienced my first heartburn yesterday. That wasn’t pleasant. Basically I felt like I could breath and flames would come out of my mouth. My chest and throat were on fire. Someone told me that means she has a lot of hair. So maybe she has some… maybe, I was bald and Jake had little. So I doubt she gets her first braid until she’s like three ha! But we can hope. I also wonder if she will even let me braid her hair. Will she like it or will she be a tom boy. I feel like because we thought she was a boy for sooo long maybe she is a tom boy. 
It’s the weirdest thing to wonder what your child will be like. You really have no idea… you and your husband combined to make a tiny little human and will they be anything like either of you or be their very own little person… hopefully a little of both! 
I’ve still been researching car seats and strollers and wondering if I am registering for all the right things. Each item has like 200 million different brands and items, it’s sooo overwhelming. Even when  a lot of my friends and clients already have babies and a lot of them have different ones. But so far the most I’ve heard about is the Peg Perego, Britax, and Uppa Baby.. so it’s in between those for the seat. I’m looking at jogging strollers since once she gets here I will have to cancel my gym membership and work out from home. So I registered for the Bob Revolution and Graco Relay. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about those? Or, does anyone else have a jogging stroller that they love? I also want to be able to use it for everyday things also.
We also found a nanny for her and I am so relieved. It is a friend and a good family friend that I will feel soo comfortable with. I think she’s as anal with her kids as I will be with mine, so that’s good! We will probably put her in a daycare when she’s older but for her tiny years I just prefer one on one. (When else do you get that kind of care?)
The compression hose I ordered from Amazon were way too small. I know they are supposed to be tight buy my knee felt like it could buckle and they were SO HARD to get on. Jake and I were laughing so hard! So I guess I need a bigger pair haha. I’m looking into Jobst and will review them once they are in for future preggers.
Have a great week! 

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