October is the month!

This was the puppies first time to go see the house. They have been there before but not with the walls up and where we could go into each room. I think Maggie likes her our new shower ;). 
Brick : General Brick in Cimarron
Stone: Lueder’s Buff

This is the best picture so far I have from the side of our kitchen. I love love love my cabinets. I think the kitchen will be the favorite part of our house. … then again I say that about every part. The kitchen is for sure ONE of my favorites though. We chose to keep the middle island stained, to bring out the exposed beams in the living room.

When me and the pups were hanging out inside while dad (jake) lol trimmed our front door.

Let there be light! In our bedroom for the morning, I can’t wait to have big curtains and pull them open to the morning light.

This is our front door with Jake’s awesome trim job :).
Kitchen countertops : granite Bianco Antico
These are my fave! I did want a marble looking granite that was on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago. More of a white and grey. Big movements… But after we put this in I fell in love. It’s almost like its shiny and sparkly in some spots. In a taupe/grey color. When there is better lighting and I get the fixtures in I’ll take a better picture to see the coloring.

Laundry room, I do wish now that we would have put in room for our laundry baskets under the counter but you know, there’s always stuff you see after you do it. I’m not sure anyone could build a house and have everything perfect in less than six months. There are way too many choices and way too many things you do not think about. It is super overwhelming….. can you tell I am not stressed. hehe. 
Our jack and jill bath and the guest bath both have this granite and the same stain.
Our master yay yay yay!

So, I searched forever for mirrors. I am kind of cheap so I didn’t want to spend a lot on mirrors. By cheap I mean we only spent $30 on each of these mirrors because they were on sale at Kirklands. I love them because they are grey/taupe and silver with almost the oil rubbed bronze throughout. Our fixtures are oil rubbed bronze so I was worried about the grey and white looking ok with them. We shall see when it all comes together. 

My bubble tile!!! This is a border around our tub.

Our master shower that Maggie loves, but she hasn’t even seen the tile yet. 🙂 
Jack and Jill shower/tub.

Our kitchen backsplash is tumbled travertine. It will be smooth once grouted.

Back porch view…. this fireplace is back to back with the inside fireplace. I am excited because we will move in soon and it will be cooler .. maybe, so we can use the fire to warm up. In our last house we were heated by a deer borne heater so this is luxury for us. We may be sitting on lawn chairs in front of our fire for the first winter but I will love every minute of it. 
This is mainly just an update on what’s been going on right now. I will post soon and let you see more of the tile and fixtures. Hopefully we get all of the above in next week! We will be in in no time!
I hope everyone is having a good first few days of fall. Even though it’s still 10000 degrees here in Texas. I can’t wait for flannel, sweats, and boots.
Have a good day! Friday is right around the corner!

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