Office Renovation

Now that I am doing more videos and updating my blog more often I’ve found that I need to revamp, or actually decorate, my home office. I’m no interior designer, lets be honest… I change my mind about what I want 100 times before a final decision is made. But as of today this is my dream office. Then I will obviously find more affordable pieces that fit into my B word! (budget) and hopefully fulfill this dream. My taste is changing right now… I think. I love love love farmhouse decor but I also love this midcentury look also, I’ve tried to combine the two and any other “types” that are in this Dream Office of mine.

You can click on the links or the pictures to shop these items! Or buy them and send them to my house, whichever you like ;).

This DESK is everything. I love all the details, look at the legs and the knobs!



This chair! I mean I would live in this!


Now, for the filing cabinet I do not really need a whole lot of room so I’ll stick with something simple like this.

I do have this rug already so I will stick with this! This rug says “orange” but it is definitely more salmon/pinky, which I love. I bought this rug on sale for less than $120!!! It is a 5 x 8 and unexpectedly bigger than I thought. But obviously do the measurements and you will know ;).

I love to add something “living” to my rooms. Well.. this is fake but you get what I mean. So I’ll get one or two of these.

Then I need this shelf to put these on above my desk, but to one side.

This little side table matches the shelf and desk really well. I’ll need to find some cute coffee table books to go on it, maybe one of those spiky balls to put on the bottom shelf.

If I were to get really crazy I would add this cabinet that has shelving on the inside to hide all the “clutter” and “stuff” you need in your office. This piece will also help tie in that gorgeous chair.

Now we need some window treatments. So I would go with these to add some more color (ok not too much color, just blue!) since everything else is very white, neutral, and pretty. I will probably actually get these!

I think these few items would look good for some wall art.



LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink one. To bad it is definitely not in my budget right now.

Here’s an idea of what I’m going to be going for in my office. I hope to have it done next month or maybe July depending on our budget allowance. If you would like me to do a post on how we do our budget I would be more than happy to share some sort of example or form.

Thanks for reading!

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