Our Trip To Fredericksburg

I know it’s all you’ve been hearing but is it ever going to stop raining!! I mean the lake is almost full isn’t that enough. ha. But for real, I want to start our house building again. Right now it just looks like a bunch of puddles of water and mud. Maybe next week we will get to plumb and pour the concrete. Everyone else is behind too so who knows, maybe we will be in by Christmas haha.
Our first anniversary was May 2nd and we took the weekend off and drove to Fredericksburg. I had always wanted to go and had never been. We had a lot of fun we stayed in a hotel in Kerville, which is about 24 miles past Fredericksburg. We booked last minute so everything was already taken in Fredericksburg. We also took some super fun pictures, I’m waiting to get back so I can show you.
We woke up Saturday, had breakfast, and went downtown. We went into EVERY store, even a baby clothing store. (which was embarrassing because the lady asked us how old our daughter was, we said we didn’t have one, and then she says, “Oh, well do ya’ll do this often?”) So then we walked out because we felt super awkward! I guess she didn’t want our business. :/
Around lunch we drove out to Hye, where we were headed to Hye Meadows Winery but stopped for food at Hye Market. Hye Market turned out to be our favorite place. The owner was hosting a little party since he was reopening the dance hall across the street from the market. The market was also a post office. It was just a cute little small town shop, that served multiple purposes, and had the sweetest, down to earth workers friends. 
We then went to “The Fat Ass Winery” (sorry that is what it was called). It was really good too. All of the wine was semi sweet there, just so you know. They had a patio where a local band was playing and we sat and listened to them for awhile. 
Then Jake took me to Luckenbach, boy was I surprised. I’ve heard the country song many times and always thought it was something different. It’s basically a stage, everything else is brought (i.e. campers, tents, bikes). We stayed a little bit and then headed back to Fredericksburg for dinner.
When we got back to our hotel we pulled our cake out. Surprisingly it was REALLY good. Mine was coconut and Jake’s is actually still in my mom’s freezer, which I’m sure we will pull out at some point.
On Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast then started to head back home. Jake surprised me and stopped by Enchanted Rock. This was something I had wanted to do. It’s a State Park that has a huge, I mean ginormous, rock that you can hike up. I was so excited and impressed that Jake wanted /did it for me, hiked the rock. Due to his knee surgery. If you look at the pictures above you can see kind of how high it was. It was a little scary when we got up to the top, I kept looking down thinking ‘maybe this is far enough’. Haha, but we made it all the way to the top. On the way back down we say tadpoles transforming into frogs. I’m a nerd and thought it was really cool, so I shared a picture of that too.
Our trip was way to short. Now we are back to work and just working towards our house and next getaway. If you’ve been following my instagram you’ve seen I got my own room in the salon now. I’m so excited. I am not finished with it yet but when I am I will post more pictures.
Stay dry and have a great week!

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