Hair Tutorial – How I Blow Dry My Hair Straight


Hi, It’s been awhile since I have last posted on my blog. I want to get back into the swing of it. This is such a great way to get involved in helping others as well as a creativity outlet for me. I have been doing a lot of Facebook and Instagram lives lately. So… I thought…..before when I would do a tutorial it would take me roughly 4-6 hours total filming, editing, and writing a post. That’s exhausting, and so I got tired of it even though I liked doing it and the idea of it. So the other day I was talking to my friend Caitlin, who also has a blog here,  and she suggested putting my Facebook lives onto my channel! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! So, they will be raw, unedited, toddler friendly footage!

The one I have for you today is a great starting point. This is how I dry my hair straight, if I’m getting the luxury of drying it ;).Most of the time I wash during the day or at night and let it air dry then style as needed. But… when I do get that random chance to blow dry I get TONS of body and I feel like my style lasts longer.

Take a peek! I hope you all are having an amazing week!

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Hair Tutorial – Half Up Flip Pony

Here’s a cute half up dirty hair style for your Thursday morning… hehehe. Because I know you are saving that clean hair for the weekend.


Sooooo….I tried something different! I filmed while I was getting ready with Aniston. My hair is dirty here so this is a super fast way to get a cute half up style with volume. The camera isn’t always on my head / hair but I’ll get better. This was fun and I’ll be doing them more often. It’s honestly easier to shoot this raw material versus setting up to shoot a full on video while my daughter naps, so I will be shooting more of these since I can get them out to you faster. 🙂

This is where I come up with most of my hair styles. In the mornings, in a hurry, while feeding Aniston her banana, and letting her play in my makeup. (covered monkey face emoji)

Let me know what ya’ll think of this! I also like how this is very raw, me getting ready before work (salon) with Aniston being her crazy banana eating self. I want to show you that you too can get ready with your toddler. I have linked all of the products I used below the video, just click on the picture of the item and it will take you there!

I hope ya’ll are having a good week so far, we have another Christmas party this weekend. 🙂

Thanks for reading,



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Foundation Stick

Have ya’ll ever tried a foundation stick? .. I hadn’t either until now and I am obsessed with how quick it is. I went into Ulta the other day and stopped by the Tarte section. I guess you could say I had a little haul, haha. I was in search for some new concealer and ended up with a bit more than that. Isn’t that how it always goes. At least for me in a beauty store, I mean every store, it is. So… I just had to share how I used this foundation and a few other products. I filmed a tutorial in the box linked below. I hope you like it!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

– Britany

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Braided Into A Mohawk

Sometimes I’m getting ready for work and I am in a hurry so I randomly create these fun looks. I’m in a hurry because my toddler is in the bathroom right there with me getting into EVERYTHING. I mean it, now she not only opens the drawers, which I refuse to put locks on since they are all over our kitchen, she now can open makeup products. I mean when did she learn to twist a lid off!? Most of the time when I have to go somewhere my hair is up in one of these with makeup on and my bathroom looks like a tornado came through. Recently I found some old hot rollers, does anyone use those? Well it’s a great toy, unplugged of course! She puts the rollers in and mostly out of the container.

I hope you like this updo and you get something out of it. Maybe a new idea for yourself. If you recreate this look please tag me on Instagram so I can see!


Thanks for reading!


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