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Hello again, I have been MIA from the blog for a couple weeks now. This is a little summary of what’s going on if you want to know. I went to my 32 week check up and I was having a lot of pressure and my legs were super achy. Well… I did a leg work out on the Monday before so I just thought maybe they were tired. My Dr. seemed concerned so she checked me… I was 80% effaced and dilated to a 1. What in the world does that mean? Well… good thing my cousin just graduated from Physician’s Assistant school and I can shoot her texts the whole time I’m in the Dr. to make sure I’m asking all the right questions and know what was going on. I also have been reading pregnancy books and … anything I can find on the internet so, there’s that. 80% is how soft my cervix was and dilated 1 cm. Your cervix goes to 100% and fully dilated is 10.

My Dr. was concerned with how soft I was and sent me to maternal observation. Well… that was scary. Jake was with me and I had a good friend working in labor and delivery that came over to comfort me because I was in tears. Thinking she was going to come that day or soon and be in NICU for however long. You just assume the worst, especially your first time being pregnant. I mean I was a mess. Jake was so strong for me though, thank goodness! I know he was very scared also but he hid it well. We had no idea what was going on, nobody tells you how bad it is, how bad it could be, or if it’s even bad. I think my Dr. was just being cautious and sent me over just incase. They monitored my contractions, yes I was having light contractions that at the time I didn’t even know were contractions. When I thought of a contraction I thought of going into labor and thought it would hurt really bad, I’d be hurled over, crying in pain, like everyone says. I was just having discomfort and then my belly would get tight. So weird!

After being monitored for about an hour they sent me to check for blood clots in my legs since they were hurting. They wheeled me down on a hospital bed, I thought this was hilarious and was so hard not to snapchat about it  haha. At least it made me smile during this scary time though. I did not have any blood clots thank goodness, Jake got one last year and was sooo scary. We didn’t stay in the hospital very long, maybe two hours. They gave me a steroid shot in my hip that is supposed to help develop her lungs faster if she does come early.

We left the hospital and the Dr. put me on bedrest for the weekend. I had a shower that Saturday and had to be careful and stay seated. We went back to the Dr. on Monday and she released me from bedrest. She told me I could go back to work with a lighter load…. If you are one of my clients you know I do not have a light load. I told her my long days were 9 1/2 hour days with no breaks to sit, she told me if I could stay seated as much as possible and have my sister helping me I could try and if contractions or pressure were bad again I had to stop working. I guess I was just working on my feet and doing too much causing gravity to thin my cervix and pull the baby down. My Dr. wants me to make it to 36  weeks and then she doesn’t care if Aniston decides to come early. Last month at 30 weeks we got a sonogram and Aniston was head down and low. We also got a sonogram last Thursday, Aniston again was head down and lower. They estimated her weight to be 4 1/2 pounds as of now. She is ready to meet the world. But I need her to stay in just a little longer so she doesn’t have to go to NICU. We want a healthy baby.

So with all of that happening, we got ourselves into full speed and got most everything ready for the baby to come.

Her room is almost done, the crib and her bedding are finished, our hospital bag is packed, and everyday I clean something ( I guess that’s nesting lol ).

Who knows if she will stay in until 41 weeks or come tomorrow! Being pregnant is really crazy and really scary. I have enjoyed it so far though. I am becoming more uncomfortable now as she is getting bigger.

I hope everyone is having a happy Mother’s day! I cannot wait to be a mom to our baby girl!


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