Pinterest Cabinet Roudup

This morning we are meeting with the cabinet guy and later meeting with the electrician. I have gathered some photos from my Pinterest board to show some ideas I am liking for our cabinets.
I like the glass windows in the tops of these cabinets. I am not sure I want glass though, pros – they are pretty.. cons – they could be hard to keep clean. 

 Good idea to keep all your utensils in. This would be a great way to stay organized instead of a canister sitting on the counter.
I just really love the layout of this laundry room.

Our island has our kitchen sink in it with the dishwasher as well. This is a great example of what I’m wanting for the drawers and cabinets on the island.

I love how the brick is behind the stove here.

Love! Love! Love! this for hair accessories, make up, etc.

This is a must right?

I just really loved this kitchen.

This vent hood.

Again, the glass doors on the very top.


This could keep all our keys and clutter off the countertops.


I also LOVED this kitchen. The brick again, and love this vent hood.

So the trash doesn’t have to be in the pantry.

Vent hood.
If you have any great ideas for a kitchen, laundry, or baths please share. 🙂 I love hearing everyone’s opinions and I am sure I am overlooking soo many things.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now back to our work week :).

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