Rompers and Fake French Braiding

Rompers and Fake French Braids

Awe, puppy love! This is Maggie (right) and Tripp (left) our lab puppies  🙂
Today I’m talking about rompers and fake french braiding. Yes, I made that up. Ha.
I saw this hair on someone during the New York Fashion Week somewhere on instagram when I was stalking the models. I was wondering how I could master this look and then teach you guys how. So I played and came up with this. It looks like a “fake french braid” right?! It’s so easy!
Basically all you do is grab your bang area or the top area of your hair and put in a small clear pony tail. With that pony tail (a loose one) you will separate the top part (before the pony) into two pieces, grab the actual tail and turn it into that hole you just made with the top, and tighten. 
Then you will grab the next horizontal section of hair and do the same while putting the top pony into this pony. Continue down your head until you have reached the bottom. If you have long hair you can leave it down, if it is shorter you can loop it up like I did. 
I love this hairstyle especially if you are going somewhere a little fancier and have zero time to schedule a hair appointment or let alone make it to the salon. Easy fix!
About my romper:
I found this in Target! click here to shop. I love Target, I can stay in there for hours. I like this romper because unlike all the other ones I’ve found this one does not give me a wedgie haha! Yes, I said that. It’s also super long so you can wear it with heels. I also feel like you have to be supermodel tall to wear a romper and I can tell you I am not supermodel tall and I was fine!
Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial of this hairstyle! 
Hang in there it’s almost Friday!


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