Skater Skirt on Repeat

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|| Skirt – Similar, Similar || Tank – Similar || Wedges – Similar, Similar ||
Jake’s look:
|| Jeans – Here || Shirt – Similar || Boots – Here || Belt – Similar ||
I’m sharing with you mine and Jake’s look today. Something different, but I figured since he was in the pictures we might as well right.
We found out we could switch and do a different outfit the night before our pics (when we were sleeping). We were excited but we were limited since we were waking up so early to go shoot so we could catch as much natural lighting as possible! So we do wish we would have starched Jake’s jeans but other than that everything was good :). We did our best with what we had! 
This look, for both of us, would be great for a more casual wedding, sometimes on the invitation it may say “Cowboy Formal”, that means this type of outfit or a dress for the girl with some boots or wedges. Depending if you are in Texas or not haha. 
I also threw this braid in after we took our “Anniversary Shoot” in my wedding dress. I wanted something a little different and something fun. So I came up with this out of nowhere. Jake said it looks like a flower braid, that’s kind of cute. Which means he liked it hehe. So I may be making a tutorial for this one if you are wanting to see this!
I hope everyone is having a great week. I am setting my camera up in my new room at the salon, I think shooting tutorials will be better there. We will see :).
Thanks for reading!

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