So what exactly is a “balayage”?


I’m sure you are seeing everywhere the new trend of “balayage”. The truth is it is not new, it is super popular and the results are trending right now. Everyone wants a more natural look to their face and hair at the moment. At the New York fashion show they were showing a lot of seventies come back and boho looks (the modern hippie). So in order to get this look (a more natural one) I would be more worried about having the perfect braid and how my color looks in that braid and curls than having perfectly stacked highlights. 
If you are wanting Balayage you are wanting a “sun-kissed” look at that. You want to look like you just got back from The Caribbean and your hair is glowing because the sun has naturally lifted certain spots. A good stylist is able to use their eyes and place the color where they think it will accentuate the best features on you. 
Balayage is also great for you if you are not wanting such a high maintenance color. I know not everyone has the time to come into the salon every 4-8 weeks. Basically you just need to come back to get this look touched up if you are wanting it brighter, more of it, or just to add a second color to it maybe. 
I love doing balayage because this is where my inner artist comes out and I pick and choose which pieces get lightened and how much each piece actually gets lightened. Whether your skin tone radiates with a honey blonde or a Venice beach platinum blonde.
If you look up the definition of balayaging it will tell you it’s a highlighting technique that is performed by free hand painting on the hair verses precise placement of the highlights. Like you would see in foils. There are so many different ways to do this. Some stylists may just use their hand and a brush, they may use a skinny long board or paddle, I’ve even seen stylists use cotton and saran wrap. Stylists may call it different too… Sometimes I call them “baby lights” or “custom color”.

This is where we, as stylists, get to use our creativity and do what we do best and create each client’s individual look for them.
Below I’ve put some of my work to show what Balayage or some baby lights can do for you.
^^^She’s a #britanymarshallbeauty mini. 🙂 Balayage is a great way to introduce color to my younger clients.

Have a great start to your weekend and thanks for reading!


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