Sorry I have been MIA on the blog lately.  I have been super busy with starting our house, the salon, and allergies. Below I have put together a little collage to show you what’s going on with our house building process.
March 28-29
This was right before we broke ground with our house. We went out and started clearing out the brush and some unwanted trees. 🙁 #treehugger. There really wasn’t any unwanted trees other than the ones that were were the house was going and the Cedar Trees. We also found out that Jake is allergic to them…. I know sad. He broke out in an awful rash. 
This was the first time we brought the puppies out to see their new home. As you can see from the photos they loved every 2 acres of it. I love the picture of Tripp (the white one) running.
Jake’s parents came out and helped us clear out a lot of brush. His dad, Paul, brought out his tractor. It was so much fun watching him ride around like a little kid pushing all the limbs and brush away. He was in heaven. He even pulled out a dead tree, you can see below my husband is attaching a chain so he could pull it into our big burn pile. Thank goodness we had them and their tractor, it helped tremendously. We spent the weekend before and this weekend clearing where the house would go and a little bit of our back yard. I mean barely any of our back yard but we are getting there. We also haven’t been out to clear any more of the back because Jake, his dad, and me all got poison ivy. YUCK! If any of you have any home remedies or how to prevent it, PLEASE let me in on your secrests. At least we have our lot cleared where the house will go and we also made a cute little spot with firewood stacked up.
On a mushier note, watching my husband work on our land, seeing how much he loves doing this, and planning our next several years together on this piece of property makes me fall in love him all over again!

April 4-10
This is when we actually BROKE GROUND! And this tractor on our lot is a Dozer,  I did not know what one looked like, I think I pictured the tractor with a cage which is called a skid loader/ bobcat, obviously I was wrong. hmm.. Idk what that is for either. I should since my Dad has been in construction my whole life, but I do not. :/ 
We had to cut the front of our lot down and move some dirt around, so that is what the dozer man did. When I came back and looked at it when he was done I was in shock honestly. ‘Is this our lot? This looks nothing like it!’ I got kind of nervous. But then I kept going back to look at it again and again and I still love it. It’s weird how different this makes it look. Can you imagine once we have a house on it!! I still can’t believe we are doing this, it is so surreal that I am moving out of my tiny house. It’s biter sweet!

April 15 2015
We started setting our forms this week. It is seriously the craziest thing I have seen…. so far. I’m sure I will say this at every step ha! But it is so neat to see the outline of YOUR house being put up. They had to stop half way because they ran into some rock, and they couldn’t dig into it.

^^^ This is the cutest Daddy ever (mine) :). He outlined our back patio for us in yellow so I could make more sense and realize how to proportion everything. 
April 20 2014
This week we had to bring someone in to break the rock up so they could finish the forms. Once they finish the forms we plumb (and when I say we I mean it, my dad is a plumber so we will be helping him :)) and then they pour the slab. AH!
We probably won’t do anything else this week since the rain is in the forecast. This would happen when we started building…rain. But at least the lake is filling up a little more.
The corner of the house that is in the first picture below is our bedroom! I stood in it, NBD! haha

I hope you are all having a great week!

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