Summer Makeup Routine

We just got back from our beach vacation near Rosemary Beach, in Florida. I’d be lying if I told you I fixed my hair and put makeup on every day there. We went out like once where we actually got ourselves out of our swim suits and I put my summer makeup routine on. I’m not complaining about it, it was actually really nice to not get ready! I honestly loved it. But I do love makeup, hair, and all things beauty, so I wanted to share this summer makeup look that I have been doing on myself. It’s simple, easy, and takes me less than 8 min. I timed myself to make sure 😉 . 

Lipstick | Lipliner | Mascara, Mascara | Concealer | Brows | Face | Setting Powder | Bronzer | Highlighter/Blush | Eye Shadow

1st – I put this tinted moisturizer all over. I had heard a lot of good things about beauty counter. So I decided to try this out. I do like it for a light cover.

2nd – I LOOOVE this concealer and use it even during the winter. I swipe one time under both eyes and then use a damp beauty blender to smooth it out I pull down the sides closes to my nose and out on the sides to create a triangle of light.

3rd – I then go in with this setting powder and press it into my concealer. This helps with the creasing!

4th – I’ll then put some brows on, using this super simple one.  

5th – I picked up this bronzer during Christmas as little gifts, while keeping one for myself, I ended up really liking it and I use it all the time. It’s just the little one and has lasted such a long time.

6th – Then I go on top of the bronzer with a highlight/blush. So I’ll use both the pink and then on the very top of the bone I hit with the white. So it’s almost like creating three blended stripes (bronzer, then blush, then highlighter) but they are so translucent you can’t see the “stripes” so don’t worry about that.

7th – Next I add a little color to my lids using this palette. Every time I change it up but for the most part I will be in a hurry and I will use gaze on most of the lid, hotline on the bottom, and then maybe playful in the outside corner. Also a little curious…. does anyone else think Tarte products smell delicious?

8th- If I want a line I will go in with a brown liner just on the top. Then use these two mascaras layered. This one first, this one second.

9th- Finishing off with this liner and lip in sheer ballerina.

I hope ya’ll are enjoying the summer and if you live in TX finding a way to stay cool. I’m ready for these triple digits to let up a little! Have a great and safe weekend!



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