Baby Girl Nursery


Aniston’s nursery was so much fun to prepare for her. I made the bedding and curtains and Jake made her crib. Yes, he built her crib! 🙂 I was so proud of him. I know one day she will look back and think that it is so special. I wanted her nursery to be pretty. I also knew I wanted it to be very neutral with pops of pastel pink.

One of the best things I think you can invest in is your glider. I was just going to use my mom’s old rocker that she rocked us in…. boy am I glad she gifted me a glider. I can’t tell you how many nights I slept in that thing. Now that she’s older I nurse her some in it still and we read books before nap times in it, even though she just tries to eat the books. Ha! Hey, we are trying.

I also made her floral “A” and her mobile. I have a how-to tutorial post coming up about those.

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

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Preggo Leggings

Leggings: Here 

Photography by: Beatbox Portraits
Today I am 27 weeks pregnant and it is definitely starting to show. A couple strangers have came up to me now and asked how far along I was. I am trying to dress so my belly shows more now since you can actually tell I am pregnant. I found this company called Preggo Leggings and I love love love how comfy and versatile their leggings can be. As you can see in one of the pictures I unbuttoned my shirt (hehe) so you could see they go up over your belly, which I love. It makes it feel like I am wearing some kind of pregnant spanx haha! Just a little more comforting then letting it all hang out. But these leggings are so soft and stretchy you would never feel constricted.
They come in all sorts of colors and this pair is only $35, not bad at all! I am wearing a small/medium in Oh Baby Blues. Preggo Leggings also has some cute maternity tops. I am sure I will be wearing these leggings even after I am pregnant. Maybe that’ll help my post baby belly that I am so terrified of!
I have put together some look alike items for this look down below. I put a variety of pricing but every item is something I would love to own, already own, and have personally picked out for you!
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