Hair Tutorial – Half Up Flip Pony

Here’s a cute half up dirty hair style for your Thursday morning… hehehe. Because I know you are saving that clean hair for the weekend.


Sooooo….I tried something different! I filmed while I was getting ready with Aniston. My hair is dirty here so this is a super fast way to get a cute half up style with volume. The camera isn’t always on my head / hair but I’ll get better. This was fun and I’ll be doing them more often. It’s honestly easier to shoot this raw material versus setting up to shoot a full on video while my daughter naps, so I will be shooting more of these since I can get them out to you faster. 🙂

This is where I come up with most of my hair styles. In the mornings, in a hurry, while feeding Aniston her banana, and letting her play in my makeup. (covered monkey face emoji)

Let me know what ya’ll think of this! I also like how this is very raw, me getting ready before work (salon) with Aniston being her crazy banana eating self. I want to show you that you too can get ready with your toddler. I have linked all of the products I used below the video, just click on the picture of the item and it will take you there!

I hope ya’ll are having a good week so far, we have another Christmas party this weekend. 🙂

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Tutorial | Twisted Pool Hair


Hey guys, I’m super excited that I am finally able to post this. I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to figure out how to make one of these. I am pretty impressed with myself. LOL! I have been sick all week so after my daughter goes down for the night I have been catching some zzzz’s shortly after. Hoping to sleep this virus off. I have also been super busy in the salon this week. Anyways… enough with the excuses I am still getting this to you this weekend, as promised, so there’s that! Yay! ?

This look is not only cute for the pool but can be worn to work, date night, school, etc. I just thought it was perfect for a pool day. You can have dirty or clean hair, curled or straight. Just start at the top with number 1 and finish with number 15. If you decide to get in the water and don’t want your hair getting wet you can pull the bottom up into a messy bun right below the last pony. That would be super cute!

Let me know how you like this kind of tutorial versus a video from me! Just comment below or email. I love hearing from ya’ll.

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!

Thanks for reading!

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