Tub Accesories

At six months Aniston started not using a tiny tub inside her big tub for bath time. She’s to mobile for that now, she wants to crawl around and play. So she would crawl around and it was scary for me, and lets be honest, she did slip and that’s when I ordered these! I love this bath mat  because unlike the others that are just one big mat, I can easily clean around and under these. Aniston also likes them, as you can tell she’s trying to eat them HA! She doesn’t slip anymore and I think they even help her stay seated more because she wants to try and pull them up the whole time I’m bathing her. Which she can’t, they are hard for little ones to pull up so they are PERFECT! We love Noodle and Boo bath products. One of my clients got these for her and it hasn’t broken her out or anything. It’s so gentle and has the best smell! Smells are what gets to this mama. YUMMY! I love a clean baby! We also keep a little white basket near the tub to keep all of her bath toys in so everything seems more organized.


We bought a bunch of these bows, they come in a variety of colors in a pack of 20 for $16.99. Can’t beat that! They don’t leave marks on her head and stay on really well.

Her top/dress is from Baby Gap, and is on sale now .

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