Very Berry

Very Berry

|| Cardigan – similar Nordstrom Rack || Tank – Banana Republic || Berry lips – BMB ||
Yesterday I went to a new church (new to me) with a friend. I honestly can’t remember the last time I stepped into a church, that is so bad that I’m admitting that to you but it’s true. So I was way nervous, but they were sooooo laid back and welcoming that I felt totally fine once I was there. (The hardest part is getting there.)  It was such a great experience. I will definitely be trying to make it back next Sunday. Ok, churchy talk is over 🙂 I just wanted to share my experience. 
The weather was kind of iffy though so I was unsure of what to wear … rainy, humid, and a bit chilly. So I went with this new tank I just got from the Banana Republic Factory store, thin  cardigan (from Nordstrom Rack), and some black skinnies with heeled booties. This purple tank will be one of my new favorite pieces, I’ll take one in every color please! [Come on warmer weather so I can actually wear it.] This color also matches perfectly with my “Berry” lipstick and I feel like since my shirt was just as dark as my lips I could wear this and not feel like all you saw when you looked at me was (wow dark) lips. BMB cosmetics are 15% off this week! Just enter code springbreak15 at checkout.
Hopefully this week will not bring ice! Especially for all of you that are on Spring Break this week. Tell me about all of your trips please, since we are building a house we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So I would love to dream.
Oh and for all of you that were wondering about my new hair, here it is! And yes I am in love with it!
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