Why I Stopped Getting My Eyelash Extensions Done!

Why I Stopped Getting My Eyelash Extensions Done! 2024

Eyelash enhancements are a hot trend for many women. Whether it’s getting false eyelashes or fake eyelashes applied directly onto your natural ones, there is an ever-growing demand for this type of procedure. In fact, according to statistics from 2011, over 25 million Americans had their eyes done at least once. That number may seem high given how new the industry is (the first eyelash enhancement was introduced in 1981), but it still means that millions of people have been through this process already. Even though they are trendy, I will explain why I stopped getting eyelash extensions in today’s article!

For some, it can even become part of their routine as they get them done every few months — and like any other beauty product, if we don’t use our makeup regularly, it will eventually wear off. But what happens when these products do start wearing off? Do most women just let their lashes go back to being unenhanced again? Or does everyone end up having another set put on? And why would anyone want their eyelashes enhanced anyway? Read on to find out…

The Truth About Lash Extensions

With all the hype surrounding eyelash enhancers, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are plenty of horror stories associated with them too. The main problem seems to lie within the application itself rather than the actual results of using the product. Here are five reasons why someone might stop enjoying their eyelash extension service altogether.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your regular lashes?

Many experts agree that applying eyelash enhancer formulas directly onto your natural eyelashes could cause severe damage. When chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and glutaraldehyde come into contact with your skin, eye tissue, and cornea, they can irritate your eyes, burn your lids and harm your vision. It also can dry out your skin and leave behind unsightly blemishes. If the solution contains peroxide, make sure that it doesn’t have hydrogen peroxide since its chemical composition can break down your healthy hair follicles instead of helping them grow bigger.

Will my eyelashes recover after extensions?

When you’re going in for your next appointment, note whether your practitioner uses heat during the application. Heat makes it harder for your body to remove toxins naturally, so keep this before deciding to undergo another session. Also, make sure that your technician cleans his tools thoroughly between each client. This will prevent him from transferring anything harmful from one person’s lashes to yours — something he’d probably never do intentionally. Finally, consider asking questions regarding possible allergies or sensitivities you might experience afterward.

Why I well never get them done ever again…

As previously mentioned, while some practitioners are careful with their methods, others aren’t. Unfortunately, there are several ways that technicians can hurt clients without realizing it. Common mistakes include misplacing glue on the upper lid only, applying excess adhesive near the tear ducts, putting glue where it isn’t needed, and leaving any leftover liquid inside the applicator bottle. These mishaps can result in painful infections, damaged tissues, scarring, and blindness.

Other problems arise because of improper storage and maintenance. Most professionals store their equipment incorrectly, which leads to increased germs and bacteria growth. Many also fail to clean their tools properly, which causes residue buildup and contamination. Even worse, some companies throw away their applicators after every single use! To avoid spreading dangerous illnesses and viruses among customers, manufacturers should invest in sterilizing supplies and keeping tabs on sanitation standards.

In addition to the physical dangers, eyelash enhancers pose mental health risks. Not only are technicians supposed to provide comfort and answer concerns, but they must also remain professional. However, some technicians are known to flirt with clients, encourage unrealistic expectations, pressure women to return time and time, or offer free services in exchange for personal information. A woman considering enhancing her lashes should always feel comfortable around her provider, especially regarding price and general treatment guidelines.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing an eyelash enhancer read on to discover a safer way to enhance your natural lashes.

The Cost of the treatment

While there certainly are no guarantees in life, things tend to work out better for consumers when they choose wisely. After all, $1,000 spent on an extended warranty won’t save your car if you drive recklessly, and $5,000 invested in stock market funds wouldn’t earn much money if you didn’t care about long-term returns. So, when selecting a company for eyelash enhancement, consider looking beyond the cost of the initial consultation alone. Your final bill should reflect quality control measures taken by the supplier, including proper training, hygiene practices, attention paid to detail, and customer satisfaction surveys.

A Safer lash extension alternative

So far, reading the above paragraphs probably sounds pretty scary. Who wants to think that they were exposed to potentially dangerous substances during a simple procedure? There is a less expensive option available today that is often overlooked yet equally effective. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on permanent enhancements, try growing your lashes with temporary solutions. There are now many different mascara formulations explicitly designed for this purpose. They usually consist of polymers and waxes designed to stimulate cellular activity. By providing nourishment and moisture, these mousses help strengthen existing hairs and encourage new ones to grow longer faster. The best thing is that these products are safe enough for sensitive eyes, plus they last a lot longer than traditional mascaras. Best of all, you can purchase them online for much lower prices compared to salon costs.

PS: If you decide to remove your lash extensions, do it properly!

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