How To Clean Real Eyelashes At Home! [Best Lash Care Guide]

How To Clean Real Eyelashes At Home! [Best Lash Care Guide]

Eyelashes are important for a beautiful look, but they need some care. Be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed, and use a good conditioner on your lashes. You can also get unique products that help keep your lashes looking their best.

In addition to caring for your eyelashes, it is essential to pay attention to the skin around your eyes. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize this delicate area regularly. Also, be sure to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunglasses or sunscreen designed for the face. By following these simple tips, you can keep your lashes and skin looking their best.

Should you wash your natural eyelashes?

If you wear makeup, you should wash your real eyelashes! This will remove any build-up of mascara or other products that could weigh them down and cause them to fall out. Plus, it’s just good hygiene! You can use a gentle cleanser or even baby shampoo to wash your lashes. Just be sure to rinse them well so that no residue is left behind.

Why you should wash them

Washing your lashes regularly is important, especially if you wear makeup. Mascara and other products can build up on your lashes and weigh them down, leading to them falling out. Using a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo is the best way to remove any residue and keep your lashes looking their best.

Rinsing your lashes well is essential, as leaving any residue behind can cause irritation or inflammation. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser and avoid getting water in your eyes while washing your lashes. Let them air dry after cleansing them – don’t use a hairdryer on them.

How to clean natural eyelashes

Eyelashes can quickly become dirty and full of oils and cosmetics over time. This makes them more susceptible to bacteria and other eye infections.

With cleanser

You will need some simple supplies that you can find around your house, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

First, start by gently washing your face with a mild cleanser. This will help remove any dirt or makeup on your lashes. Next, take a cotton ball or pad and soak it in warm water. Gently press this onto your lashes for a few seconds to help loosen any debris.

Then, using a clean mascara brush or a Q-tip, lightly brush your lashes from root to tip. Be sure to go slowly and be gentle, so you don’t damage your lashes. Finally, rinse your lashes with cool water and pat them dry.

That’s it! You can easily keep your eyelashes clean and free of any build-up by following these simple steps. Doing this regularly will help ensure that your lashes stay healthy and look their best.

Without a cleanser

Use a mild baby shampoo or unique eyelash cleanser to clean your lashes and gently massage it into the lashes and along the lash line. Rinse well with warm water, then pat dry with a soft cloth. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently cleanse the lashes. Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward. Repeat this process every day to keep your lashes clean and healthy.

The dos and don’ts of washing your natural eyelashes

When it comes to cleaning your natural eyelashes, there are a few dos and don’ts to consider.


  • Wash your lashes regularly, at least once a week.
  • Use a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo.
  • Rinse your lashes well so that no residue is left behind.
  • Let your lashes air dry after washing them.
  • Apply a lash serum or conditioner occasionally to help keep them healthy and strong.


  • Use harsh soap or cleansers, as they can be too harsh for the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Rub your eyes vigorously when washing your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out.
  • Get water in your eyes while washing your lashes, which can also cause them to fall out.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer on them.

How to care for your natural eyelashes

Caring for your natural eyelashes is vital if you want them to last longer and look their best. Maintaining healthy eyelashes is indispensable to keep your eyes looking their best.

Here are a few tips on how to keep them healthy and free of debris:

Firstly, if your lashes are brittle and unhealthy, then cleaning them will help to improve their condition. Sweat can build up on your lashes and cause bacteria to grow, which is unsightly and potentially harmful to your eyes. So make sure you give them a good cleanse now and again using gentle baby shampoo or makeup remover.

Secondly, applying a small amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly every other week can help to keep them healthy and hydrated. This will also help keep your eyeliner and mascara in place for longer and make your lashes look fuller and thicker.

Finally, try to avoid sleeping in your makeup whenever possible. This can cause your lashes to become dry and damaged and also increase the risk of developing an eye infection. So make sure you take your makeup off before bed, using a cotton pad soaked in micellar water or coconut oil to remove any residual product gently.

By following these simple tips, you can help to keep your eyelashes looking their best!

Also, don’t get eyelash extensions, they damage your lashes!

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