How To Fix a Lash Lift That's Too Curly? Here is how!

How To Fix a Lash Lift That’s Too Curly? Here is how! 2024 Guide

Lashes are one of the essential aspects of having great-looking eyes. They frame your face and make your eye look more awake. But sometimes, they don’t come out as expected. This happens mostly in people who have oily skin because this causes lashes to become heavy and curly.

If you’re someone who has oily skin, then you may want to try a lash lift. A lash lift is an artificial way to enhance your natural lashes. It involves applying a special kind of glue on top of your existing lashes, which will give volume, length, thickness, and shape to your luscious eyelashes. Since so many brands offer these products, finding one that suits your needs can be pretty time-consuming.

A good lash lift should enhance your beautiful features while giving you long, thick, complete, and healthy lashes. However, if not, you’ll end up with curling lashes that appear too curled (or straight), making your makeup look messy instead of classy and chic.

How can I fix a lash lift that’s too curly?

This usually occurs for two reasons: One, the adhesive used to apply the lashes lifts contains chemicals that react badly with some oils, causing the product to stick together and harden. Secondly, if the formula was not appropriately mixed during the application, the outcome might contain air bubbles. When both of these conditions coincide, the result would be a curvy lash lift.

Eight steps to correct too curly lash lift:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser. Use gentle cleansing creams without any alcohol content since they could irritate your delicate facial tissues.
  2. Apply moisturizer all over your face after washing. A non-comedogenic cream like Cetaphil will prevent clogged pores from absorbing excess moisture.
  3. Make sure to use waterproof mascara before applying your new lashes. Mascara runs down along the lower lashes into our upper lashes, thus creating unwanted curls. So make sure to prime your lashes first. Primers help control moisture, add shine, and protect your lashes against environmental factors such as UV rays and windy weather.
  4. After priming your lashes, take off old mascara entirely so that it won’t get stuck onto your new lashes. Then rinse under warm water until all traces of mascara are removed.
  5. Now, go ahead and apply your favorite mascara according to the instruction manual. Just remember to avoid rubbing your eyes afterward. And also, note that the longer, the better! Longer means fuller and thicker lashes.
  6. Next, apply your desired lash lift formula carefully and slowly, starting from the outer corner of your left eye working towards the inner corner of your right eye. Do this slowly but surely to ensure even coverage across your entire lid.
  7. Once the formula has dried, gently rub each lash between thumb and finger to separate the lashes from the rest of the lifting solution. Gently pull upward to remove the extra product. Repeat this process on the other side of your eyelids.
  8. Finally, finish your look with lots of black eyeliner and/or shadow. You can either wear a light-colored eyeshadow or just put foundation over your whole face followed by powder. Also, dabbing lightly with a clear matte finishing spray will create a smooth surface for your foundation.

Main mistakes to cause a lash lift that’s too curly

Applying mascara immediately after a lash lift is another mistake that leads to lashes becoming overly curled. Applying mascara directly after using a lash lift can lead to lashes becoming too curly. It’s recommended to wait about 12 hours before putting on any waterproof mascara. As soon as your lashes are dry, apply your mascara.

Not rinsing away all of the lifting solutions – Some people believe that leaving behind small amounts of lifting agents will strengthen your lashes. However, this is only true if you leave behind minimal residue. Leaving too much lifting solution on your face can weaken your lashes. Rinsing your face well afterward ensures no residual lifting agents remain on your lashes.

Using heat tools – Heat tools such as hot waxes and tweezers can damage fragile lashes. Avoid heating devices on your luscious lashes unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer.

Trying to grow your lashes – While increasing your lashes can seem glamorous, it takes years of dedicated work and patience. Instead, opt for an effective alternative to fake lashes. Several excellent types are available today, including synthetic fibers, natural hair, and hydrophilic polymer foam. These alternatives offer the same quality as their plastic counterparts but require less maintenance.

How can I relax my eyelash lift?

After wearing your eyelash lift for the required amount of time, you might notice that your lashes are still slightly stiffened and raised. Don’t worry! All you need now is to “relax” your lashes. Here’s how…

Dip a cotton ball into some cold-pressed olive oil and rub it around your eyelid area to relax your lashes. Take care to massage the oil evenly throughout your lids. Allow the oil to soak into your lashes for a few moments, taking caution not to touch your lashes with your fingers. Rinse the fat off your lashes with cool water. Finish off your look with your usual eye drops and mascara.

Once again, remember to wait 24 hours before applying mascara.

Can a lash lift be reversed?

Yes, you can reverse your lashes. However, this requires professional help from an expert beautician. Why? Because not everyone knows what exactly went wrong during the procedure. Sometimes, the reason why lashes lift become too curly is simply because of improper mixing of formulas. Other cases involve chemical reactions caused by certain substances within the procedure itself. For instance, if you buy a product whose formula includes formaldehyde, chances are your lashes lifted upwards rather than downwards.

Consult your doctor first to determine whether you’d benefit from reversing your lashes. They will be able to advise you based on your specific case.

Can I redo my lash lift the next day?

You can undoubtedly redo your lashes the next day. However, reworking your lashes may not be possible, depending on where the error occurred. If your lashes are made of false lashes, you cannot simply replace them with regular ones. Your lashes must undergo a series of procedures before being returned. Moreover, if you had a bad experience with a particular brand, you should probably avoid its competitors.

We suggest consulting an aesthetician for those who experienced errors during the application process. She can provide you with solutions tailored specifically to your situation.

Here are some quick fixes

Consider if you’ve already applied your lashes lift and noticed that they aren’t lying flat anymore.

  • Apply Vaseline to your lashes every night before bedtime to tame their wildness.
  • Use a thin layer of Vaseline underneath your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Makeup remover wipes are perfect for removing stubborn mascaras and lengthening your lashes. Swipe them over your lusterless lashes and watch the magic begin.
  • Try applying petroleum jelly to your lashes daily to improve elasticity and soften your tresses. Keep your lips sealed with a lip balm containing avocado oil. Avocado oil helps treat brittle nails and cuticles.
  • Wear sunscreen lotion regularly to minimize the effects of sun exposure on your lashes. Sunlight damages the collagen structure supporting your lashes. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation weakens the bonds holding your lashes’ pigment melanin granules together. Over time, excessive sunlight breaks down melanin molecules, destroying your lashes’ color.
  • Be careful not to sleep with your lashes touching anything besides your pillowcase. Sleeping with your lashes tangled in fabric fibers leaves them vulnerable to breakage.
  • Avoid getting your lashes wet whenever possible – Washing your luscious locks often keeps them moist and soft. Dry shampoo works wonders! Shampooing your lashes excessively strips essential fatty acids necessary for healthy lashes.
  • Don’t forget to check your lashes every day to see if they look dull, damaged, patchy, or unruly. With a bit of practice, you’ll eventually learn to maintain your gorgeous lashes. Always ask your beautician questions regarding your concerns before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. You can never know enough about maintaining beauty standards until you understand everything fully.

And above all else, enjoy yourself! Beauty treatments shouldn’t feel stressful. Treatments should bring comfort and relaxation. Find something that makes you happy. Whether you prefer a spa treatment, salon visit, or DIY approach, take pride in your appearance and confidence. Never underestimate your power to change your life. We all deserve to feel confident and comfortable in our bodies.

Last Thoughts

There’s a fix if you’re unhappy with your lash lift because it’s too curly! Keep them hydrogenated once or three times a week with cocoon oil and Vaseline. This will help prevent them from being frizzy, and you can only apply coconut oil or Vaseline if your lashes are finished frizzy.

If you use the lash lift, take your time and follow the letter instructions. Making a few simple mistakes can cause too much damage, but they’re easy to correct. However, if the lash lift is incorrect, it will do no permanent damage – it just takes a little longer to heal. So don’t worry, and enjoy your new, longer lashes!

Do you have overprocessed lash lift? Here are a few tips to fix it!

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