5 Easy Ways How to Fix Dry Mascara & Make It Like New!

5 Easy Ways How to Fix Dry Mascara & Make It Like New!

Sometimes mascaras can get a little dry, making them difficult to apply and giving your lashes a clumpy look. But don’t worry; there are several ways you can revive your dried-out mascara and have it look as good as new in no time!

Dried-out mascaras don’t have to be thrown out – here’s the one best way to revive them!

When my mascaras started getting a little too crispy, I debated whether or not to just toss them out. But then I got curious – was there a way to bring them back to life?

After doing some research, I found that there were a lot of methods floating around out there. But none of them seemed very conclusive. So I decided to experiment on my own, and after trying out a few different methods, I’ve determined the one best way to fix dry mascara.

Five ways to revive a dried-out mascara

There are a few ways that you can revive a dried-out mascara.

With Heat

One way is to use a little bit of heat. Try running the mascara tube under hot water for a few seconds, then apply as normal. The heat will help to loosen up the product and make it easier to apply.

With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural oil that is extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts. It has a variety of applications, one of which is as a makeup remover.

Coconut oil is an effective makeup remover because it can break down and remove even waterproof makeup. It is also gentle on the skin and can help to moisturize and condition the skin.

To use coconut oil as a makeup remover, simply massage a small amount onto your face using circular motions. Then, use a warm, damp cloth to wipe away the oil and makeup. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

You can also add a few drops of essential oils to your coconut oil for an extra boost of fragrance or benefits. Some good options include lavender oil for relaxation or tea tree oil for its antimicrobial properties.

Use Solution

Another way to get your dried-out mascara looking new again is to add a few drops of saline solution to the tube. This will help to rehydrate the mascara and make it easier to apply.

Here’s what you need to do:

Add a few drops of saline solution (you can find this at any drugstore) to the dried-out mascara. Mix it up, and voila – your mascara is as good as new!

So next time your mascara starts drying out, don’t reach for the trash can just yet. Try this method first and see if it works for you.

Contact Solution

Contact solution is a great way to fix dry mascara. Simply soak a cotton ball in contact solution and dab it on the dry areas of the mascara. Wait a few minutes for the contact solution to absorb, then wipe off any excess with a tissue. This should help the mascara last longer and prevent it from drying out.

If you have trouble getting your liquid eyeliner to go on smoothly, try applying it with a damp cotton ball. This will help to evenly distribute the liner and prevent any clumping. You can also use this technique to fix any mistakes that you make while applying the liner.

Put it in the refrigerator

One way to fix dry mascara without a contact solution is to put it in the refrigerator. Another way is to add a few drops of contact solution to the dried mascara. This will make it easier to apply and will also help it last longer. If you have sensitive eyes, you may want to try hypoallergenic mascara. Waterproof Mascara is also a good choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

If you find that your dried-out mascara is still giving you trouble, you can try using an old toothbrush to brush through your lashes. This will help to remove any clumps and give your lashes a more natural look.

If you have sensitive eyes, use hypoallergenic eye makeup. Many brands avoid using potentially irritating ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, and fragrances by creating hypoallergenic formulas.

With these simple tips, you can get your dried-out mascara looking new again in no time! So don’t throw out your old mascara just yet – give these methods a try and see how well they work for you.

What Causes Dry Mascara?

There are several reasons why your mascara might dry out. One reason is that the tube might have been exposed to air for too long. Another reason is that the formula might have changed. Sometimes, the ingredients in the mascara can cause it to dry out quickly. If you’re having trouble keeping your mascara from drying out, try using a makeup remover. This will help to remove any build-up on the brush and keep the mascara from clumping.

If your mascara has dried out, there are a few things you can do to try and revive it. One thing you can do is to add a few drops of water or olive oil to the mascara tube. Another thing you can do is to heat up the tube with a hairdryer. If all else fails, you can always just buy a new tube of mascara.

Also, many of our readers report that tubing mascaras usually do not dry up!

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, many things can be done to make sure that your makeup lasts longer. By using the right products and techniques, you can keep your makeup looking fresh all day long. With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting makeup.

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